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#1 jeproxshots on 5 years ago

This photo was my first time i really try merging multiple images into one. I liked the way it came out.There are something I think I could change with liquify to but i haven't really practiced used it that much so I avoided using it in this photo. Would like opinions, hints and tricks that I can try out next time for this type of photo. Thx


#2 jcat on 5 years ago

if you want to have the fabric flowing around the subject fade out and be transparent you can make a duplicate layer of the fabric section place it under the original , turn off the top layer and set the blend mode to one of the overlays (soft light is a good one) or even screen and take the opacity down. The blend mode will depend on the background vs the object you want to thin out and allow some transparency to.
Then turn the top layer back on and add a mask to it and using a low opacity brush and multiple passes paint out the top layer and blend it in to give the varying density look that would be caused by multiple layers of fabric overlaying itself.
It's a nice technique to add depth to the fabric as it flows away from the subject.

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