Love and Tolerate! My Little Pony 2013

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#1 Roxas-13 on 6 years ago

I know it's pretty early, and most won't have decided on cosplays for next year yet, especially since there is a whole new season between now and next AN, but this is just sort of a start to see who, if any, have decided on cosplaying from My Little Pony next year! ^^

For myself, I will be making a human-style Discord (of my own design), which I will be wearing on the Sunday.

So, where all my fellow bronies and pegasisters at? ^w^

[U]Mane Six + Spike[/U]
Twilight Sparkle - ShinobiXikyu, pink-lemonade
Applejack - KiraCRISIS
Rainbow Dash - TamsinAndShale's friend (Commander Hurricane)
Rarity - Nightwitch-Kat (maybe)
Fluttershy - TamsinAndShale (Private Pansy), sugarsnowncocoa
Pinkie Pie - The_Freedom_54 (maybe), Rei-Azalia (Cupcakes)
Spike -

Princess Celestia - Nightwitch-Kat (maybe), DreamKitty
Princess Luna -
Priness Cadence - Nightwitch-Kat (maybe), TamsinAndShale, sweet_kat22 (maybe)
Shining Armour - TamsinAndShale's friend
Prince Blueblood -

[U]Cuite Mark Crusaders[/U]
Applebloom -
Sweetie Belle -
Scootaloo -

[U]Secondary Characters[/U]
Big Macintosh - Midli
Cheerilee - Zafie
Zecora -

[U]Background Ponies[/U]
Derpy Hooves - Hideto Koudansh (maybe)
Vinyl Scratch/ DJ PON-3 - RaverBob
Octavia -
Lyra -
Bon Bon -
Colgate -

Nightmare Moon -
Discord - Roxas-13, Rei-Azalia
Queen Chrysalis - Rei-Azalia's friend
Gilda -
Flim and Flam -
Trixie -
Iron Will -

(tentative, subject to change)

Friday: ???

Saturday: 5pm at DT 3

Sunday: 11am at TCC 3

#2 ShinobiXikyu on 6 years ago

I've been wanting to do a pony cosplay since January, but I only now can fit it in for next year. I'm planning/slowly starting a gijinka of Twilight Sparkle for at LEAST the Friday of the con (maybe Sunday too, it'll depend).

#3 The_Freedom_54 on 6 years ago

Since my Pinkie Pie gijinka will be done for Atomic Lollipop I'm highly considering wearing it at some point during the weekend next year

#4 sweet_kat22 on 6 years ago

I might be some pony not sure which yet but I love the show Im wearing Fluttershy for Atomic Lollipop. Im considering Princess Celestia at some point maybe for AN.

#5 TamsinAndShale on 6 years ago

I'll be debuting my Private Pansy Fluttershy at FanExpo, and I'll probably rewear it for AN, with a Commander Hurricane Rainbow Dash.
Or! If I'm extra inspired come next spring (it happens a lot) I'll do some version of Twilight Sparkle.

#6 sugarsnowncocoa on 6 years ago

Hopefully going as Fluttershy.

#7 ShinobiXikyu on 6 years ago

Twilight Sparkle's now a third done and coming along nicely. I just can't wait to open up and put in my circle lenses. I bought them at AN for her since I was lucky enough to find them in prescription AND the colour I needed (Dollyeye violet lenses, to be specific), but I can't try them on til February if I want them to last for Con-G, Anime North and re-using them for another costume for Faery-fest in June. ARGH. WANT TO PUT THEM IN SO BAD.

#8 Roxas-13 on 6 years ago

All right, it's official. I WILL be cosplaying Human!Discord this coming year of AN! ^^ I've already got most of the supplies to make him, just need to find time to work on it around my job and eventually school.

How's everyone else doing? Any progress or new decisions made?

#9 Rei-Azalia on 6 years ago

Does lady rainicorn count? :D <3 i was going to do princess luna but i ran up the tab to make her and it would be over $500. (the wings alone being $200) Q-Q
I love mlp but not that much.

#10 Nightwitch-Kat on 6 years ago

I may cosplay as a pony. Either Rarity, Celestia, or Candace

#11 ShinobiXikyu on 6 years ago

Next week, probably starting on making my hoof-pieces and maybe my ears (I'd best wait until my wig comes, but I can test them out with another long decently-thick wig to see how they hold up/stay on). I just hope I can find the shoes I was planning to wear underneath. They seem to have gone missing on me after hanging onto them for so long.

#12 ShinobiXikyu on 6 years ago

Wig's on the way, trying to find my misplaced shoes, and I have nearly everything needed to finish Twilight Sparkle. I just need material for the skirt (waiting til Xmas to see if I get Fabricland gift certificates to pay for it), and I might have to get new shoes if the ones I'd planned on using don't turn up soon. I don't know WHAT happened to them. I had them for years and now I can't find them anywhere. I really hope I didn't accidentally sell them at last fall's yard sale.

#13 Roxas-13 on 6 years ago

Great to see people are still feeling the love for this! My progress on Discord has kinda been halted to do school, and all my supplies for him are back home, not here with me in my apartment.

Does anyone want me to start listing cosplays in the first post, just so we can see who is who? Or should I leave that till closer to the con, when decisions are being finalized.

#14 ShinobiXikyu on 6 years ago

Since I'm 34% done Twilight Sparkle already, you can list me for that.

#15 Roxas-13 on 6 years ago

There we go! The first post is edited.

Just a couple notes about it. The first beng that I do not expect all those characters to be done or anything, I just wanted a nice broad coverage of characters, cause I know we got all manner of characters last year. And also, by no means does this mean those are the only characters I'll be adding. If there is someone cosplaying as someone not on the list, I will obviously add them.

Also, for those who were not sure if they were going to cosplay as an MLP character, I put "maybe" next to your name. On top of that, if you listed more than one character you were considering, I put your name under all characters you were considering with a "maybe" until you decide and confirm with me.