Rose Tyler seried 4 help :/

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#1 TheMostHappy on 7 years ago

I have the general jist of the outfit down (the only thing taunting me really is making the biga** gun O.o) I found a pink top from Old Navy that was just perfect! Also got a really really good alternate of her jacket, since the original is nearly impossible to find... Only thing missing is a pair of jeans dark enough for the part. Apparently 'flared' jeans are out of style and no one carries them O.o oh well I am sure I will find them soon but the WIG??? Oh that's darn near impossible to find a wig that looks realistic enough without spending an arm and a leg -.- I don't care really about the length (I will have it cut) Or if it had roots (I heard sharpies work wonders) I just want a wig that wont look too..... wiggy.*sigh*:lost:

#2 StephieLuff on 7 years ago

Hi there,
I'm pretty new at cosplaying, but I have a few Rose costumes, so I can give you a bit of advice as to what I've found.

For a replica of the gun, of course, you'd need to make it with cardboard/wood/styrofoam. But if you don't mind it not being an exact replica, there are alternate guns out there you can paint and use as a prop. The main thing about her biga** gun is it's bulkiness. So try to get less of a rifle look and more of a bulky look. A Nerf Stampede or Nerf Vulcan works pretty well.

Gap sells some flared black jeans: [URL=""][/URL]
But I've also found people use black dress pants or workout-type pants for the outfit, and it actually turns out quite well.

As for wigs, I'm not sure I can be as much help. It's really difficult to find a good wig that's inexpensive. (And also, it's hard to find a wig with long enough bangs for Rose's style.)
I found a couple.. Although like you said, some of them still look very "wig-ish". :/

Best of luck on your cosplay! Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

#3 ChatNoir on 7 years ago


I used this wig in 24_H613:

And it looked like this on:
[url] 2012/IMG_8776-Copy.jpg[/url]

It was very nice/high quality. :) There are options out there but it was surprisingly hard to find for such a simple hairstyle.

As for the coat, I found a few potential ones using various combinations of the search terms 'purple' 'leather' 'faux leather' 'bomber jacket' 'PU' (short for polyurethane) etc. While none are exact, most are close enough. :)

For the gun, you can buy Nerf gun (like the Stampede mentioned above) and tweak/paint it, then attach a strap to carry it with.

Little details can also make a big difference - silver hoop earrings, a "Tardis key" , makeup, and of course a big Rose smile! :)

Hope this helped a bit. Good luck and have fun!

#4 lunabuna on 6 years ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wig link! Ugh, I've looked high and low for a decent blond wig that doesn't have bangs and ... ugh, finally, lol. I'm ready to pass out. Thank you so much. And it's not $200! Woo!