Ocarina of time help?

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#1 Su-san on 6 years ago

Yeah... The title may seem like I need help on how to make it... Well I already know how... I just need to know where in Sydney, NSW that you can get Ceramic clay from?! I also need to know where you get glaze from....

#2 cosplayconnor on 6 years ago

im personally not from sydney but after a quick google i found these hobbie shops (most hobby shops have multiple types of clay and glaze)

#3 ~moo on 6 years ago

ooooo, are you going to make your own ocarina? Thats exciting!
First thing though, do you plan to make one that is able to play notes. Specifially, on-tune notes. Because that could be tricky.
If it's purely for visual wows, go for it! That way you could make it to fit your hand too!
If you are seeking a playable LoZ one, try buying one online. I have the fairy ocarina from Songbird and its beautiful. Both to play and look at. :)
On topic though, Eckersleys may have something. They have an online store to make it super easy.
I also found these guys:
It looks like they ship around Australia. Give them a go. :)

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