Steampunk Feather Wings

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#1 Animei237 on 7 years ago

Hey cosplayers!
So, Im planning on cosplaying as Suu from Clamp's Clover for my local con this year however not entirely sure what I am going to do for my wings.
I think I am going to save some time and buy some feather wings and then add on to them... but i am not sure how to do that. You see I want to get gears, cogs, bolts and things to add to them making them more industrial like but I really dont know how to attach them in a smart way hahaha

Any suggestions would be great!
Thanks! :)

p.s. reference picture---> [url][/url]
Im going to do my own take on this outfit ;)

Also, here are the wings I might be using---> [url][/url]

#2 Zil on 7 years ago

To me, the wings in the picture don't really look like feathers. They look more like a kind of decorative piece. You could try making the 'feathers' out of thicker white craft foam, like [URL=""]this tutorial [/URL]shows. Hers are modeled after real wings, but you can always just apply the method to yours.

#3 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 7 years ago

I've seen sue wing done with craft foam or foam board the mimic the metal structure of the wings.