Nan Desu Kan 2010 Feedback Thread

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#1 Eurobeat King on 8 years ago

Here's the place to post feedback about your experience at [i]Nan Desu Kan 2010[/i]. This includes hotel, the convention itself, events, Masquerade, staff experiences, the dealer's room, dances, and anything else you would want to talk about concerning this convention.

What were the upsides, and what were the downsides? Would you go again in 2011? Remember to please also be polite in this thread and keep it civil and related to the convention.

- thanks!

#2 cachalot on 8 years ago

This was my first NDK and I just wanted to say it was a really fun experience. It was probably the most fun I've had a con all year. All the cosplayers I met were really friendly and everyone seemed really polite, especially the staffers, who were genuinely excited to be there. I'm putting this con on my list of "must-attend" cons every year.

The hotel itself seemed really way too small for the number of attendees, so I perfectly understand why they're putting a cap on the number of people allowed to attend next year. I have no comment on the cap itself, but seeing as they want to keep NDK at the Marriott, the decision is common sense. The hallways were so congested at times that I could hardly move, and sometimes it took upwards of 30 minutes to get an elevator.

I also have to say that the panels this year were all really awesome and NDK has the best panel programming I've seen to date. (some of the panelists could use some public speaking training - but that goes for every con)

Overall a fantastic experience! Thanks NDK!

#3 Batdude711 on 8 years ago

This was my first experience with NDK and I have to say that it was AMAZING! I went as a Steampunk variant of the ever impressive Deadpool. I was very surprised to discover so many other deadpools and other non anime characters. Its also great that so many people treated each other with respect and on occasion some constructive criticism. I got a few good pointers on what to improve and also was given some ideas on what to do as a different cosplay.

But I do have one request for the NDK staff. On behalf of all Deadpools... WE NEED MORE PINEAPPLES!!!

Thank you, that is all.


#4 PK_Reverse on 8 years ago

This was my sixth year at NDK. Ever since I went the first time, I haven't missed it.
It has improved, if you ask me. The staff has gotten so much nicer, and the people themselves too. Though I hate memes with a passion, I really did love that sort of ban they did on them this year. And the elevator staff, too! I'm glad that was continued, the hotel really needed that.
The costumes were very nice this year, and I was very excited to see more cosplayers than regularly dressed people. (the balcony contest was a lovely touch) I didn't go to any panels (I don't usually) but I'd have to say this was my best year yet. Thank you to NDK and all the lovely people that went! I will go next year, I will go until some greater force prevents me from going, and even then I will try to go.

Also, there weren't too many smelly people this year, and I had bodymist just in case. I only had to use it once. What a surprise! Anyway, loved it. I just wish people would shut up about butt scratching and such.

#5 Eurobeat King on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=PK_Reverse;3635746]I just wish people would shut up about butt scratching and such.[/QUOTE]

That can't be helped, unfortunately. It's almost impossible to have a con where nobody shouts out "You lost the game!", "Marco! Polo!", and "Butt-scratcher!" because idiots get their kicks by saying that crap any & every opportunity they get. :untrust:

And there were even Vuvuzela horns being blown, outside the hotel, but still within ear-shot. To the Resident Evil guys who blew those, the World Cup is over, guys.. Blow those in 4 years, 'k? thanks. :razz:

#6 Inoli on 8 years ago

I LOVED all the water that was EVERYWHERE and with CUPS also readily available! THANK YOU!

The EMTs this year was a great idea....ano.. however a lot of them were young and I and others mistook them for cosplayers D= we were mortified! so while there was a line for the elevator when they "butted" in a few of us stepped in front to insure our friend who needed up to the room quickly [in pain and not feeling well] got there. it wasn't till they were close enough I saw that the EMT badge was REAL.
Could we perhaps get some BRIGHTLY Colored badges for them next year so that we can allow them onto the elevator of through the hallways with a little more ease and the respect the deserve?

Photoshoots sucked lemons this year guys. seriously the ones I did get to on time regressed into yaoisms and child-school antics quickly. the ones I did make it to were started early, moved or no one in general showed up. NDK is great...but hideous for Photoshoot gatherings. The communications on the board was like trying to pull teeth. I'll return to NDK but not participate in photoshoots I think.

the menus ROCKED Thank you for putting on more Vegetarian dishes this year! =D

As for the Masqurade: Sound for the contest already addressed but I still have my hand up for it. MAd Props and big BRAVOS to everyone that went on despite the difficulties with the sound! I think more communication between sound guys, to announcers to cosplayers would have been better. The equipment on stage was a bummer, its already a tiney stage that...really didn't help.
green room was an AWESOME Experience [for once!] Queen Rutela was a JOY to talk to and between her, Huggable Shinibi and her group and mine, it kept the pre stage jidders away. Talking to them seeing the costumes up close was just a joy as well! So many talented Cosplayers at NDK! =D Thank you thank you for not shoving us into the hallway of DEATH. Maybe it was just the skit people that didn't have to deal with the hallway but either way Metal stays hot once in a hot room, it cools down luckily when the room is cool.

#7 kupcake on 8 years ago


This was my third time attending NDK, and I have to say it was my favorite year. The staff was friendly and the EMT's were very helpful. One issue I have is the photo shoots this year - the RPG/Game shoot was soooo tiny and ended way too fast. (totally agree with Inoli on the photo shoot issues) The info on shoots kept changing and I was pretty confused most of the time *scratches head*

Also, I was endlessly confused with signing up for the costume contest...I had planned on registering for it but missed out all together. Maybe I should have paid more attention or something....but the info was pretty vague. Hopefully next year I'll figure it out : (

I really enjoyed the balcony contest this year - excited to see what next year's will look like!

And a final note....enough with the photo bombers and "butt scratchers" >.<

#8 Eurobeat King on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=kupcake;3637994]enough with the photo bombers [/QUOTE]

I didn't have any problems with photo-bombers. If I did, I simply waited for them to get out of the picture, or if they were doing that in a group-picture, I would stop taking pictures. Cosplayers who are posing as well as yourself have the right to tell anyone to GTFO if they're ruining a picture. ;)

#9 cachalot on 8 years ago

I attended the Final Fantasy photoshoot and when I got there (at the appointed time) it seemed to have already started about 15 minutes early. I missed the big series shoots because they had already happened (before the official start time) and only managed to get in at the end to the "fun" shots. Just a note for anyone running photoshoots next year - please wait for the actual set time of the shoot (or preferably at least 5 minutes afterward) for people to show up, because many people have to navigate the hallways because they are coming from panels/Artist Alley.

#10 Aurora's Heart on 8 years ago

I have to say this was one of my fav NDK's. Mainly 'cause of the people I got to hang out with. It felt very laid back and relaxed and I wasn't constantly feeling like I had to be somewhere.

I do agree about the photoshoots. I wasn't gonna try the FF one then my friend and I just happened to be outside when it was going on and we stood aroud and watched. The mud hill of death was annoying and I would like to know the reason for this. I did manage to get in on the side when they did all the girls, but that was it. I think next year they need a much bigger space 'cause my friend couldn't get pics due to all the people in front of her. I was gonna try and make the KH/FF shoot, but was glad we didn't. Seeing pics afterwards makes me sad 'cause I had so much fun attending it the year before. I think the problem with the photoshoots was the same problem I was having orginizing the two small KH ones I was involved in. People need options and a chance to tell you their opinon, but then you need to step in and say, general concensous is this so therefore it's happening here and at this time. (Had to eventually do this with my Halloween Town KH shoot, didn't do it with the school one and we had to scramble at the last minute to make something happen)

All in all, it was a good time and I may have found a new cosplaying buddy. :D

#11 Eurobeat King on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Aurora's Heart;3638694]The mud hill of death was annoying and I would like to know the reason for this.[/QUOTE]

My shoes were quite dirty after the con.. :thumbsup:

I don't know why the hotel had to keep turning on the sprinklers each day, making that location which is nice for gatherings, a treacherous terrain to walk over. I was careful not to slip or let the cosplayers I was photographing slip on any mud patches. Sunday was the worst when I heard a bunch of screams and looked over to see that the sprinklers went-off during the D. Gray Man gathering.. talk about bad timing. :thumbsup:

#12 Shokora on 8 years ago two cents here. First of all, I agree with Inoli regarding the EMT's. They were awesome to have. However, I spoke with a few of them, and they confirmed what Inoli stated: that most people thought they were cosplayers. Next year, they need SOMETHING that will make them stand out as TRUE medical professionals so we can give them the respect they deserve. Also...the water...was awesome!!!! I don't think I EVER saw it run out. Kudos to that.

Next....I have been to many cons over my "cosplaying career", some of them much larger than NDK, others smaller. The biggest thing I HATE about NDK is the general mentality of the crowd. Note I said "general". I met some very nice and mature cosplayers there, as well as some respectful fans who were not cosplayers. HOWEVER...the level of childishness and disrespect was unbelievable. People butted in front of others at elevators (the hotel staff helped IMMENSLY with this, it wasn't as bad as last year), plowed people over in the hallways, stupidly refused to move when someone with luggage or a large prop needed to get by, and ruined what few photoshoots occured with their rough-housing and immaturity. The one thing that I saw that has improved since last year is that more people gave the cosplayers in my group some sort of warning before trying to "attack" us with a glomp. None of us are against a nice, EXPECTED, gentle hug that shows you appreciate our hard work...however, we don't want to be surprised or have our cosplay RUINED by overzealous affection.

The situation with the sound during the masquerade was ridiculous, unprofessional, and unfair to those performers who got someone else's sound or had no sound at all. Not all groups were able to adjust like Inoli and I did. All in all....the only reason I continue to come to NDK is because I have friends who live in Denver and like to attend.

#13 kupcake on 8 years ago

[QUOTE]None of us are against a nice, EXPECTED, gentle hug that shows you appreciate our hard work...however, we don't want to be surprised or have our cosplay RUINED by overzealous affection. [/QUOTE] Shokora

I absolutely agree with this statement. The shoulders of my blood elf cosplay were torn off their support because of that sort of behavior. My staff was also broken midway through because of certain attendees not paying attention to their surroundings, It was kind of a bummer to loose an important piece of my costume so quickly. : (

#14 Shokora on 8 years ago


I absolutely agree with this statement. The shoulders of my blood elf cosplay were torn off their support because of that sort of behavior. My staff was also broken midway through because of certain attendees not paying attention to their surroundings, It was kind of a bummer to loose an important piece of my costume so quickly. : ([/QUOTE]

Gahhhh...sorry to hear that, kupcake, and I'm not surprised. What my group tried to do was move as one solid mass (there was anywhere from 3-6 of us together at a time) and put the person with the most fragile/expensive cosplay in the middle. The rest of us called out to the crowd ahead and to our sides to TRY to get people to not run into us. This also helped somewhat with "surprise attack glompers". It's a shame, really. We shouldn't have to do this, as this is the only con that I have felt the need to use the group formation constantly to protect my friends.

#15 CrimsonDenizen on 8 years ago

I loved it ^^ I was so relaxed the entire time it was incredible. Inoli did you have that panel on Sunday? If so I'm sorry I missed it :( I'm thankful for everyone ran up to me and liked my Sazh cosplay. Much appreciated, still got some kinks to work out, but the love was real so yay ^^

Now to get ready for NYE stuff :P