Witch Hunter...Help?

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#1 Mangos_Limes on 7 years ago

Hello, I realize that there are other threads about this but they seem kind of...dead.
Reference Picture: [IMG]http://bluefoxalley.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/souleater04.jpg[/IMG]
This thing is...giant. I have seen very few pictures of cosplayers with this. I was thinking pvc pipe for the base of the scythe, and then three other smaller extensions coming off of it from the top to support the blade/thing.
The problem is I'm not sure what to make the blade out of or how to attach it. I think insulation foam for something that big would make it too heavy(my upper arm strength is barely average). I thought about fabric, but I'm afraid that would blow over in the wind and be difficult to design on.
Any ideas?

#2 Black_The_White on 7 years ago

I was originally going to do Witch Hunter..I went with her Death Scythe for mine though. My idea was to do fabric and rope lights or something similiar. I've seen cosplayers who outlined it with rope light and it looks pretty sweet at night. But like you pointed out, the wind would easily catch it if it was fabric. Granted..the wind would catch any sort of scythe no matter what you made it out of.

I haven't worked with insulation foam, but I know it can get heavy depending on how much you use. Just don't make it out of wood ( i made that mistake) haha. I'd honestly go with the fabric idea, outline it with pipe or something similiar and maybe do multiple layers of the fabric? It be hard to find a fabric to use like that though. :|