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#1 Kumi-chan on 12 years ago

Welcome to Gasukan 4.0!

[b]Theme:[/b] "A Red Thread"
[b]Date:[/b] Sunday, February 10th
[b]Time:[/b] Start gathering at noon
[b]Location:[/b] Seattle Center
[b]Meetup:[/b] International Fountain; if the weather turns nasty, we'll meet at the Center House (building with the food court)

Map of Seattle Center: [url]http://www.seattlecenter.com/information/map.asp[/url]
(International Fountain is marked as 17 on the map)

Map of streets around Seattle Center: [url]http://seattle.citysearch.com/profile/map/11279342/seattle_wa/seattle_center.html[/url]

Parking information: [url]http://seattle.citysearch.com/feature/30521/[/url]

[b]Just so you know...[/b] It has come to our attention that there will be a protest at Seattle Center on the 10th. The protest should be taking place in a different part of the Center (building 15 on the first map), so it shouldn't be an issue.

[i]About the theme...[/i]
In keeping with Valentine's Day, I've chosen a theme that encourages pair cosplay. The red thread, or [i]akai ito[/i] is a popular Japanese folk culture belief, also found in other East Asian cultures, that two people destined to be together are connected by a red thread. This is usually represented in anime by an "invisible" line connecting their pinkies. You may have seen this in such series as Tenchi Muyo, Ai Yori Aoshi, Detective Conan, Yu Yu Hakusho, and probably countless shojo series

You can do couples cosplay/crossplay, but as always, I like to leave interpretation open to the individual. Wearing red is an obvious example ("red threads"). You are also free, as always, to completely ignore the theme and wear whatever the heck you want.

#2 TsukikoAiko on 12 years ago

I was hoping to make it to one of the shoots before Sakuracon, but I'm having my tonsils out in February so I wont be able to make it. As always I look forward to the photos and seeing you guys at Sakuracon.

#3 StrawberryLum on 12 years ago

Definitly one I'm going to miss. Which annoys me since I have so many cute poses/ideas for this theme.
Something like this would be nifty. [url]http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u132/SerialExperiment13/counterpart.jpg[/url]
More ribbon than thread, but still.

#4 Lady Shinsei on 12 years ago

Unfortunately, I am horribly single (gah).

So sorry, but I'm not able to join ya due to this.

*cheers for TsukikoAiko's awesome LoD avvie*

#5 TsukikoAiko on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=Lady Shinsei;2246306]*cheers for TsukikoAiko's awesome LoD avvie*[/QUOTE] Thanks ^_^() I'll be cosplaying as Shana from LoD with Dart and possibly a Lloyd if he finishes his costume in time.

#6 Arissa-chan on 12 years ago

This would be neat for mine and teh monkey boy's prom outfits...or something...

#7 ultimaaa on 12 years ago

You know I'm there. :D I'm fairly certain we're doing REBORN! again, so you guys will get more blue pineapple head from me~.

#8 Kumi-chan on 12 years ago

Just so it's clear, couple cosplay is [i]not[/i] required. The characters you cosplay do not have to be a couple (though I'm sure all you yaoi fans out there can have a field day with this theme). You do not have to be part of a couple.

I'm single too, everyone. Astoundingly single, in fact. That's why I suggested [i]pair[/i] cosplay. You can always choose characters who are best friends, enemies, partners, parent and child, siblings...maybe they share a fateful connection, but not necessarily a romantic one. Or go in an entirely different direction.

In other words, refer to last line of head post.

Just so we're clear. ^_^

#9 StrawberryLum on 12 years ago

Ok, now I'm even more pissed I'm missing this shoot. Just saw the Ranma episode with the red thread (Shampoo's Red Thread of Dread) and it makes me like the theme even more. >_

#10 The~Wind on 12 years ago

I have a request... Can we not have the photoshoot on Sunday February 17th? It's the Sakura-Con General Meeting, since we're getting down to the wire, I'd rather not miss the meeting.

Red thread.... *ponders*Hmm... I'll have to think on that one.

#11 Satoko-san on 12 years ago

If I can go, I'm totally there. Unfortunetly, I hope that I'm not out of state, b/c being a Yaoi fangirl, I can't help my desire to go. I have no clue what to cosplay, but... I'll come up w/ something ^^;;;; :crylaugh: I shall alert the other cosplayer peeps I know, and drag them there!! When are we thinking it will be, and where?

#12 Cosplay Hunter on 12 years ago

*Finally gets off lazy arse and creates an account....* :chatah:

Y0z, Count me in! :bigtu: I may have a cracked idea or two brewing as well.

Oh, BTW - first group of pics from Gasukan 3 [URL="http://www.cosplayhunter.com"]now up[/URL] (still going over the remainders).

#13 Lady Shinsei on 12 years ago

@Kumi-chan = Ahhh! Now I understand. Heh heh.

Maybe I might be able to come, provided that it doesn't end up being a day that I have to work. In other words, please let it be on a Sunday afternoon (& not the 17th). I hope that someone could come dressed as Naruto, so that I can come dressed as Iruka...

#14 ultimaaa on 12 years ago

Well, how does the 10th sound? It's around the same time it was this month, and I think it gives people ample time to put something together for the shoot.

Also, can I suggest that the shoot be IN Seattle this time around? We've had it north of Seattle, and south, but never in. =( As much as I like the half-hour to hour long bus rides... Location-wise, there's an area down by the waterfront that would be really nice. It's right next to the Olympic Sculpture Park. The only problem is paying for parking. =__=;

Either that or go back to UW. >__>; I liked being there.

#15 Lady Shinsei on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=ultima55;2247679]Well, how does the 10th sound? It's around the same time it was this month, and I think it gives people ample time to put something together for the shoot.[/QUOTE]

LMAO. That Sunday is actually my birthday. *giggles*

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