Pink Foam Insulation - A Guide

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#1 Jantra on 14 years ago

#2 Seraphy on 14 years ago

This'll really help when I get some insulation foam! Thanks for making the tut! ^^

#3 djaxle on 14 years ago

Awesome, just in time for my weekend project...P90s here we come.

#4 Jantra on 14 years ago

Glad I can help! ^_^

#5 PrincessYuni on 14 years ago

Here in Illinois there is another Hardware store chain called "Menards", they carry it too. (and great tutorial!)

#6 Jantra on 14 years ago

Thanks, Princess! I'll add it - do they sell it for the same price??

#7 PrincessYuni on 14 years ago

I believe it is close to, if not, the same price.

Also, I've allready added this tutorial to The Tutorial List! ^_^

#8 SilencedChylde on 14 years ago

Finally, someone did a huge guide to pink.

I love this stuff... I've been piddling around with it for a couple of years, both at work and for cosplay.

And.... (Jantra) got everything right down to the littlest bit. Must be a pro. n.n

#9 Jantra on 14 years ago

Actually, silencedchylde, this is my first time ever working with the insulation!

This guide was born because this is all stuff I -WISH I KNEW- when I started! Specially the cutting section and the idea of the face masks.

I'm not even done the prop I started working on (Demyx's Sitar from KH2)... ^^;;

#10 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 14 years ago

I wish Michael’s in Canada sold Hot Wire Cutters >_< I paid $35

#11 Jantra on 14 years ago

Geez, Ani_BEE. I would have shipped it to you for cheaper then that. o.O

#12 fightstar on 14 years ago

NICE run down on using foam. I bow to your researching skil1z! I will have to look into using this in the future.

#13 Jantra on 14 years ago

^_^;; Thank you! Just the research of experience and a lot of fustration I hope to spare others!

#14 DalaiLiam on 14 years ago

I did a similar tut a while back(now, lost in obscurity) and covered some points you didn't.

Latex paint works better than Guesso if you plan to spray paint a finish on it. If it's a large flat surface, use a roller.(they make those 3 inch mini ones for cheap too)

Ratehr than Liquid nails, I like to use Gorilla glue or wood glue. Both are a bit lighter weight. Go light with the gorilla glue if it'll be on a viewable surface, go heavy on it to reinforce structures if it's not going to be a visible surface.

and finally with the wire cutter, you can make templates for bevels out of posterboard. Just makes sure the board is secured pretty well with some double sided scotch tape and it makes an excelent cutting guide as the wire will usually not get hot enought to damage the cardboard unless left in one place for a LONG time. This works really well with swords and whatnot.

#15 Jantra on 14 years ago

I tried Wood Glue and Gorilla Glue. I specially liked Liquid Nails, and find it to be a very light type of glue myself. I found Gorilla glue next to impossible to sand to a nice fine finish if you mess it up.

Latex = more expensive then gesso, by a lot, though. Latex can also be a serious pain to work with. Gesso is pretty much easy to use and clean up.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by the wire cutter... could you explain more carefully?