naruto and Sasuke,who stronger?

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#1 fancyboy on 6 years ago

there is no animal update, all of memory.bad... so i'm so bored!!

just want to ask a question, if naruto fight with sasuke, who will win, who stronger? i'm very interested in this. i think many person are the same as me :angel:

#2 Ninbri on 6 years ago

In my own, personal opinion, I feel as if it would be a pretty equal fight. I think it would be a tie. (That would be a good ending, but blah, in my dreams). Sasuke and Naruto are both equally powerful, each in different ways, but if I seriously had to choose on who I wanted to win, I'd say Sasuke.

Cause, y'know, he's awesome.

#3 Akade on 6 years ago

Well both of them are strong but whan naruto is not so random he can really be stronger then Sasuke

#4 fukkafyla on 6 years ago

Depends on their surroundings, physical health, mental disposition, re-enforcements etc.

#5 xSOULx3ATERx on 5 years ago

Only Kishi will know for now XD

#6 emmisu on 5 years ago

I would hope Naruto, since Sasuke really needs to get his head out of his a$$ and stop being all mopey and brooding.

But overall Rock Lee would win against both /end

#7 gigihoney on 5 years ago

Although with ferret eyes, but seemingly did what new skills month read nor Naruto Sasuke there mouth artillery in accordance with the current progress of the comic Naruto strong Naruto can fit completely the power of nine and nineso decisively Naruto strong.

#8 animelover996 on 4 years ago

One word. NARUTO! Yes. Naruto would defiantly win.

#9 kokirisuki on 4 years ago

They're strong in different ways so.. it's hard to say!

#10 Xheavensnagi on 4 years ago

I'd say Naruto would definitely win.

#11 JasmineAkiraSim on 4 years ago

Naruto, Sasuke would think about to much. If they both had the same mental state it would be even, but Naruto gets a hell of alot of strength when his angry. So yea, NARUTO!

#12 AlFord on 3 years ago

Clearly Naruto is the answer That's why series is called Naruto not Sasuke

#13 Mr.Sharingan on 3 years ago

Right now I think Naruto is stronger...
Not very impressed with Sasuke's recent fights...

#14 Yog0 on 2 years ago

Depends on what part of the series. At the very start, Sasuke. As time goes on Naruto takes the lead though there are times when Sasuke is just more powerful still but only during short windows.

#15 whitebread23 on 2 years ago

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