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#31 Windswept23 on 7 years ago

Oooh~ I'm working on an Effie Trinket (Reaping Day Outfit) cosplay at the moment, ready for London MCM in May. (:

#32 moonfall on 7 years ago

I doubt I'll be doing Dragon*Con since it's usually so close to Anime Weekend Atlanta, which I already have plans to go to. If anyone is going to AWA, I'm planning on making Katniss's blue Reaping dress. I doubt I'll have it ready by Metrocon since that's only a month away and I have another costume I want to get done by then. I've found several patterns online that would be perfect for it.

#33 moonflower. on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=moonfall;4386141]cut because it's unrelated.[/QUOTE]

I don't know if i've ever talked to you before, but this really just threw me off because Moonfall is the screenname i use basically everywhere but here and I just looked at that and was like 'wait that's not me" before i remembered. sorry but random XD

#34 moonfall on 7 years ago

I remember someone saying that. I think it was you, actually.

#35 moonflower. on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=moonfall;4387343]I remember someone saying that. I think it was you, actually.[/QUOTE]

possibly. I'm losing my mind so i don't remember some things sometimes. but yeah. that confused me. lmao. but that's awesome that the two moonfalls are both cosplaying from the same series! great taste! =P

#36 Katieasaur on 7 years ago

Doing Katniss for my very first cosplay and expo yayyyy

#37 Roxey20 on 6 years ago

I've got Katniss' Tribute Parade outfit in the works from the movie. Planning to wear it for Halloween since it's something everyone over here in Seoul will recognize. ^_^ And my friend is dressing up as Effie. So far I have the wig *almost* done and I'm planning to get a good chunk of the outfit done this weekend. ^_^

The braids are killing me... And figuring out how to make myself look like I'm on fire without setting myself on fire...

#38 Suzie Blue on 6 years ago

Hey, all! This thread looks like it's in need of a revival! ^.^

Although I should be working on other costumes, watching THG last night really got me in the mood to start on a HG-inspired dress I am making for a friend. A few weeks ago, she asked me about what she should wear to the premiere and suggested Katniss' half-burned wedding dress! I am using an old prom dress of mine as bass off which to work, and adding various fabrics to make it look like it's on fire! :D I have a good plan but turning those ideas into a physical piece is going to be the hard part.

#39 StarsOfCassiopeia on 6 years ago

Suzie-- I've actually been trying to tackle that same issue too, haha. I'm thinking that layering varios fabrics, like a yellow-orange tulle or organza gathered over top of a shiny red fabric, might be a cool way to do a streak of flame.

Personally, I'm also gonna go with the EL Wire route to add a little extra warm glow, since I'm already buying a bunch of orange and yellow for another project. Might as well make use of the extra, right? *laughs*

#40 Identity-Crisis on 6 years ago

I threw together a closet cosplay of President Snow and it turned out surprisingly well.

#41 StarsOfCassiopeia on 6 years ago

[URL=""]Finished my Mockingjay dress[/URL]! Soooo happy with how it came out!

#42 tanya2s on 6 years ago

I've been drooling over the movie promo shots of the pre-burned wedding dress! Sure, it looks nothing like the book description but it's a fabulous outfit and if I had some place to wear it (don't think I could make it to DragonCon and ComicCon is way too crowded for a ballgown) I'd be so tempted. Heck, I'm still tempted!

The scary thing is, I'm pretty sure I could make it for under $250, if I were willing to invest loads of time and effort into the process. And if I had some place to store it, away from cats and destructive toddlers... Is it wrong that I've already figured out how I'd do the rows of ruffles and trim on the skirt layers? ;)

The only thing stopping me right now from going out and buying supplies is the possibility that the post-burned dress will be even more fabulous, and I'd hate to miss out on the chance to make THAT one instead!

#43 Identity-Crisis on 6 years ago

I almost wish the feathers continued onto the top, but that's a lot of feathers already..

#44 StarsOfCassiopeia on 6 years ago

Thank you! <3

I actually thought about that! Unfortunately feathers tend to lay really flat, which doesn't work so well when trying to curve around a bust. I definitely have plans to add more details to the top, and I think I might add some off-the-shoulder 'wings' via sleeves as well!

#45 Identity-Crisis on 6 years ago

Ah, right. I didn't think about that.
The sleeves sound nice though.