Katsucon 2013 Cosplay Plans?

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#1 FrostiTheWolf on 6 years ago

It's never too late and never too early to start planning for next year!
So, anyone already have their cosplays for 2013's Katsucon planned?

I'm not too sure at the moment, but I'll most likely do:
Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)
Nick (Left 4 Dead 2)
{...} -otherwise known as "Zombie"- (Hanna Is Not a Boys Name)
and Wild Tiger's Hero Suit (Tiger and Bunny).

I also might throw in Medic from TF2 if I get the time to make the cosplay .u.

#2 Andrea on 6 years ago

Welllll, my usual group is planning to do a giant Vagrant Story group, which means I'm remaking parts of my old Sydney costume. Likely will have something Tiger & Bunny related myself, since I don't see this fixation stopping anytime soon - maybe I'll at least have made the black underarmor for Kotetsu and Barnaby's hero suits by that time. Or I'll take a little vacation from cosplaying Every Outfit Kotetsu Has Worn and cosplay someone else... like, er, anyone. I want to cosplay everyone on that show. :P

#3 13Kai-Kai on 6 years ago

Planning on:

Riku (D.N.Angel) with Tine as Risa
Cagalli (Gundam SEED) with Tine as Lacus
Sephiria (Black Cat)
Lucy (Fairy Tail) *maybe*

So far, those are my plans (not including stuff I'm rewearing)
Updated: 6/11/2012
Updated again: 11/22/2012

#4 Quinn the Shiki on 6 years ago

Change of Plans. I'll be Officially Debuting Lin Xiao Li from Black Cat at Katsucon next year, with my best friend as Jenos Hazard. We're going to see if we can get our other friend on Board as Rinslet since Jenos has agreed to remain in character and hit on her with actual Jenos Pickup lines if she does.

Edit: OK! So we have Lin Xiao Li, Jenos, Rinslet, Eve, and maybe Shiki.

XD no main characters 'cept Eve, and she might wind up being Kyoko if she feels like it.

#5 DespairedPheonix on 6 years ago

Planning Princess Uranus from Sailor Moon (:

#6 Destnai on 6 years ago

I'm still discussing some group cosplays with friends but a new one I know for sure will be Gijinka Meloetta (Aria Form)

#7 sweetteasus on 6 years ago

Definitely doing fem!Prussia and I hope to do either a MLP gijinka or a Vocaloid (Miku or Luka). Maybe I'll bring back Ranmao

#8 Lilith_Angel on 6 years ago

Commander Shepard - Mass Effect 3 =D I'm actually hoping to have it finished in time for Otakon but if not, I'll have it for Katsucon!

#9 Athel on 6 years ago

Hopefully I'll finally have Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara completed. (Then I think my Basara fix will pretty much be satiated. Haha.)

And possibly Sinbad from Magi if time/money permits.

#10 yori_haishi on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=Athel;4366735]And possibly Sinbad from Magi if time/money permits.[/QUOTE]

Bro. I was planning on doing Judal from Magi. :O I doubt any of my group's cosplaying with me besides my Aladdin unless I try to beg (more like asking) them even though my group does already have a Sinbad.

I'm also planning Hubert Ozwell from Tales of Graces (f), Leo from Pandora Hearts, and Piko Utatane from Vocaloids along with Judal.

#11 ThatDragonGal on 6 years ago

So far I've only go Bolin from Legend of Korra planned. ^^;

#12 Ghai on 6 years ago

Quinn the Spazz, I can almost guarantee my friend will be bringing his Sven cosplay, and if so then there will be an Eve. Dude is going to be excited to see more black cat cosplayers.

I've bounced around the idea of doing a Commander Shepard, but ultimately I think it'll come down to two.

Either Asura from Asura's Wrath, or remaking the Dovahkiin. Or both XD.However, I've gained a lot of interest in remaking my Dovahkiin cosplay but with more attention to detail. I nothing else, I want to take it around town and have fun

#13 Quinn the Shiki on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=Ghai;4372332]Quinn the Spazz, I can almost guarantee my friend will be bringing his Sven cosplay, and if so then there will be an Eve. Dude is going to be excited to see more black cat cosplayers.[/QUOTE]

^_^ YAY! That would make for an awesome photoshoot. Black Cat gets no love.

#14 Strawberrylawli on 6 years ago

If I can go (since ill finally be 18)
Cure sunny - smile precure
MiltarystuckGodtier-Jade Harley
Maybe Transformation stocking

#15 Crystal Lizzy on 6 years ago

If I go again, it'll most likely be on Saturday and I'll probably be cosplaying as Aya Brea from The 3rd Birthday or Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. c:

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