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#1 Demyx on 6 years ago

Okay, since there wasn't one already and people have been asking, this will be the official photoshoot listing. Just post your info here in the thread and I'll add it to the list, that way there's no conflicts with designated areas and whatnot.


+Bleach - Friday at 4pm, Conference Center entrance ( on the right side)

+Vocaloids - Friday at 7:30p

+League of Legends at 12p, Hotel Lobby at the Otakon Photobooth

#2 Demyx on 6 years ago

When: Friday at 4pm
Where: We'll meet up the same place we did last year, outside of the Conference Center's far-right entrance where the little alcove is. If worse comes to worst and we have to move, we will relocate but we will definitely MEET there and hang around until 4:05 before moving.
Who to look for: That would be me, I'll be dressed as Captain Hitsugaya, though most likely the Diamond Dust Rebellion version with the brown cloak and hand wrapping, but either way, just look for the short Toshiro =w=

#3 BlackroseHunter on 6 years ago

Thanks so much for this thread

#4 Demyx on 6 years ago

No problem, if you know of any others, just let me know =w= I'm watching the Facebook threads as well, but just in case I miss something xD

#5 SasukeRoyFG on 6 years ago

League of Legends or Fairy Tail photoshoot anyone?
League of Legends- Friday Sometime
Fairy Tail- Probally Sunday

*or if anyone else is cosplaying from Tokyo Mew Mew photoshoot maybe?*

#6 Demyx on 6 years ago

Just let me know if you set up a specific time for these.

#7 ManaXKnight on 6 years ago

I am looking out for Kingdom Hearts cosplayers, since I'd like to form one.