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#1 glomps on 5 years ago

Hey Homestuck Cosplayers! I'm just creating this thread to keep you updated on upcoming homestuck shenanigans at Nekocon. Including, but not limited to, photoshoot information, panels, draw parties and barstuck events.

[U]Panels:[/U] All panels are currently opened for auditions, please click the corresponding link to see which characters each panel is auditioning for

Make Them Pay [url][/url]
So You Want to Date John Egbert[url][/url]
Let Me Tell You About Homestuck: [url][/url]

[U]Group Photoshoots:[/U] There are still spots to fill in these groups, please feel free to post a message here and I will contact the group lead if you are interested in cosplaying a character. Each group is asking for different characters, please click the link to see which characters are still available at this time.

Sprites Group: [url][/url]
Ancestor Group: [url][/url]
Dancester AU Group: [url][/url]
3 Sweep Old Group: [url][/url]
Trickster Group:[url][/url]
God Tier Group:[url][/url]

[U]Other Events:[/U]

General Photoshoots (all homestuck cosplayers)
Friday at 4:13PM
Saturday at 4:13PM
Sunday at 12:00PM