Assassin's Creed Meetup 2013!! (>

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#1 Aurora Maryte on 6 years ago

The 2012 meetup was amazing, and this year is going to be even better! AC cosplay, no AC cosplay, we hope you'll join us for an epic time.

We're meeting at 1pm Saturday. Location is to be determined.

Last year, our 2012 meetup had some surprises to it. Carlos Ferro the voice of "Leonardo Da Vinci" in AC2 and ACB was at NYCC, heard about our meetup and came on down at 4pm that Saturday to meet the AC fans and signed some autographs. Then the official Assassin's Creed page shared a bunch of photos of the meetup.

But this year, we're planning for even more. We already have about 400 people signed up on our Facebook event to come and join us, and we hope you will too!!

Date and time and all the other info you need will be posted here as everything is finalized. For now, you can check out our event on Facebook: [url][/url]

And feel free to post here letting us know what cosplay you'll be wearing!! I'll be making a list, and that'll make it easier for you to see who is coming, in case you want photos with a certain character at the meetup, or just want to make friends who are cosplaying from the same game. XD

Thanks everyone!! From your friendly AC gathering heads, SK Cosplay, NYC Assassin, and Duskimp Cosplay! :D

#2 Aurora Maryte on 6 years ago

And we were planning to meet at the Javits statue but just found out it's been removed during renovations. So please keep checking the FB event page for our new location. Thanks!!

#3 SomeGuy22 on 6 years ago

Sounds awesome!!! but I'm going Sunday :(