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#1 come-along-pond on 6 years ago

So I've never done a cosplay before, but this year I'm planning on going to nycc and dragon*con with some of my friends. I decided the first cosplay I'm going to do is Clara Oswald from Doctor Who. I'm doing her red dress from the Snowmen, and I would love some advice about how to start working on it!
I'm kind of worried it's more than I can handle, but my friends mom is really good at making costumes so I thought I might as well! :)

#2 PSY-chan on 6 years ago

Sorry this response is late, but I would post in the Sewing forum. There are a lot of historical cosplayers on this site and they can probably give you the best advice on where to start. Best of luck!

#3 supergeekgirl on 6 years ago

It's going to be a lot of work for a first costume if you want to do it perfectly. You'll want to wear a corset under it and shape the costume itself.

Note: Her "gown" isn't really a gown. It's a skirt (with the bustle being an extra piece, probably) and a top (called a "waist).

There's not going to be a pattern you can work from directly, but consider using and modifying these patterns:

[url][/url] (closest pattern to the whole thing - has a bustle with a front drape and two-tiered skirt to which you will have to add more tiers... but the pattern gives you a basis from which to work and will probably even show you how to apply a fringed trim)

[url][/url] (I like the pleats on this better, however, if you can learn to combine the two)

[url][/url] (just the bustle)

[url][/url] (here's the waist, but you'll need to lengthen the sleeves significantly)