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#1 Bovice on 6 years ago

Hey guys,

This will be my first con; not sure what to expect, but hope to meet and make some new friends.

I'll be going as either Aphrodi from Inazuma Eleven, Hobo Phoenix Wright; or both and switch.

I'll need to drop a few lbs before fitting into my Aphrodi costume though and I have no mask, so maybe it'll just be Phoenix.

Anything I should be expecting? Is the masquerade worth the extra $10, etc.?

#2 PookiiBear on 6 years ago

Expect big crowds and lots of random things happening. Most people at the convention are generally nice and it isn't too hard to make some new friends. All-in-all, conventions are just sort of a different culture from the norm (in a good way.)

As for the Masquerade, I would say that it really depends on the sort of person that you are. I haven't been to a convention masque since back when Jacon was in it's final year, so I can't really talk for Metro's ball, but in my experience, those events really depend on the attendee. I think they are much more fun when you go with a few close friends who you can dance with and just relax with in general, but if you are good at meeting other people in dance settings, you may have fun going by yourself.

#3 prospurrity on 5 years ago

#4 Kitsune on 5 years ago

Maybe next year will finally be the year I finish my Trucy Wright costume!

Metrocon (and, yeah, lots of cons in general) is a great place to meet like-minded folks. Panels are a great place to share in your love of specific fandoms/areas of focus, the hallways are great for impromptu dance parties and conversations, and the artists' alley is always full of talented people who are great to meet.

I am one of the biggest proponents of the Masquerade (I'm not AD this year, but still helping out, and it's still one of my favorite experiences), but I agree with the others here; it's really up to you. It's a drama stage show plus an interactive experience. How much you get out of that interactive experience, though, is up to how much you want. The characters will be out looking to hang out with people (though sometimes it's hard with the crowds to get very far!), exchange stories, and dance with everyone, but if that's not up your alley, the sidelines are usually safe for conversations. I think it's fun to get dressed up, learn a few dances, and meet new people - but that's me and everyone is different when it comes to this matter!

#5 Kamikaze Kay on 5 years ago

I had a question about Metrocon, being that it is an Anime con, is there a reasonable mixture of cosplay genres? I don't have an anime cosplay yet because I can't figure out what I want to do, so if I came as video game character, does that work well for there? I've seen a few pictures and there does seem to be non-anime cosplay there, but I figured I'd check to see. Don't really want to feel to out of place as a TF2 Heavy, heh.

#6 SirWonderusMary on 5 years ago

@Bovice: I wish you the best in your first con! I've gone to 7 now and even through the bad experiences I say I'll never get tired of conventions. I'll be going to the next Metro-con and hope it'll be better than the last. Honestly, the con was marvelous but the experienced was ruined a bit due to losing my camera in the masquerade which I do hope to re-live happily this year. Masquerade-wise, it should be worth it as this con is known for the main events of theirs (Masquerade, Chess Match, Fire show).

Advice for your first con:

*1-3-5 rule = 1 shower, 3 meals, 5 hours of sleep. You may think this is common sense, but at cons you tend to forget these things. Well, I don't forget about a shower bu I have forgotten to eat. Also, the less amount of hours you get, the more unpleasant you'll feel seeing how much energy a con takes from you.

*If you're going for the weekend, buy food beforehand and don't buy any at the con. The food is pricey and if you're really the kind of person that wants money to spend on the Artist Alley or Dealer's room then you'll appreciate this tip the most.

*For a first con it's always good to dress casually. Or if in cosplay, in the least bring regular clothes to walk in afterwards if you get too hot.

*It's not a major rule but just polite to ask cosplayers for a photo instead of just snapping a photo. But DON'T take a picture of them while they're eating. Most people don't want a picture taken of them scarfing down a greasy burger but if you really want it I'd ask if they had a problem with it or not.

*Don't buy the first thing you see when at a con, instead think if you really will want it, and check out other booths as some booths have similar products (Example: Apalacas the new stuffed fad at cons.)

*Another note about buying: Sunday has sales! Maybe you really like this plush, but it was 5 dollars more than what you had- enter Sunday you see the same plush and it's marked off a few dollars and you can get it cheaper. But don't ask them to cut the price by 30% or more than what they say if they tell you a price. Some people don't change the price, but it's their merchandise so you should respect their decision.

*Lastly? Have fun and keep in hand a notepad/pen to write down numbers in case you make new friends.

@Kamikaze: Don't worry about it being the largest anime convention as the con is pretty mixed. People who cosplay there cosplay what they wish, and that is a mix of every genre possible. It has a friendly environment where fandoms can just unite no matter what they are, videogame, movie, or anime. So don't worry about whether it fits as the con has a huge selection of everything. Have fun at the con!