Specific type of leather?

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#1 DollFacedDude on 5 years ago



It's kind of fuzzy; I've only seen it this way in string form; has any one seen it this way in like, a whole sheet?
Is this just unrefined / unpolished leather?
Does any one know where I might possibly be able to find some like that?
Or if I can treat some other leather or fabric in a way to get that same texture?

Thanks in advance! (Don't worry, I'll thank you again after, too.)

#2 Nostrum on 5 years ago

You're looking for suede. :)

#3 Kelley on 5 years ago

Yep, and you can get the real thing in hides or the synthetic is very common in many varieties (stretch, upholstery, et cetera) in fabric stores and whatever is best will depend on what you need to do with it.

#4 DollFacedDude on 5 years ago

Oh! XD Well that makes things a lot easier than I thought they would be.

Thank you very very much, Nostrum and Kelley!

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