The Future Fashion Folio Design Contest

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#1 Buddycat on 9 years ago

So we don't have to start a new topic ever year, here's the thread to look for. Rules just got posted on how to enter for CC28, etc. The deadline is fast approaching for this year - September 30. Here are the details: [url][/url]

And for those who might have questions, there was a pretty good discussion about the one for CC27, so have a look: [url][/url]

#2 CapsuleCorp on 9 years ago

Wonderful, thanks for the news! I was just poking at it the other day before it went up, wondering.

Question, though...I don't see listed anywhere what the "normal categories" are. You'd think I'd be able to figure it out from paging through my past folios, but I'm never certain. I'm fail like that. Is there a list on a past CC's Folio info page?

#3 trixyloupwolf on 9 years ago

ya and they state pajamas ?? its a categorie they want us to make ^^;;
totaly unsure about the vategorie
does it have to be only spy stuff =_+


#4 Buddycat on 9 years ago

Have a look here. [url][/url]

#5 CapsuleCorp on 9 years ago

GASP! I did not know that was where the home was. Excellent, thanks Bruce!

#6 trixyloupwolf on 9 years ago

o well you know how many time it get to have answer from futur folio gang ????
more then a week and still no answer at all!!!

(that my second mesasage to them after like a couple mothn and that one never got reply either !!!!!!!!!!))
is it the good email they put on theyr webpage ??????

iam wondering since nothing!!
or they don't want entry for the design i guess ?????

#7 Crazy Flower on 9 years ago

I believe this year's contest ends on September 30th. You have little over a month to get your ideas in.

#8 Sarcasm-hime on 9 years ago

Crap, I guess I need to start drawing.

#9 trixyloupwolf on 9 years ago

but why they don,t answer me
i start to hate them soon (====_===)

i have my drawing just need a confirmation pff!!
theyr not nice this year =_=

tu cas !! c est pas profesionelle leur truc de pas repondre a une stupide question sa prend 2 seconde dire ok sa marche c est corect ou non je sais pas tu cas!!!
jsuis facheee!!!!!

#10 von Drago on 9 years ago

Submissions are closed and now we just have to wait & see if anything gets in.

I hate the waiting!

#11 von Drago on 9 years ago

These are the rules from CC18, 9 years ago.

#12 Sarcasm-hime on 9 years ago

I wanted to submit something this year, but have just been too damn busy. *sigh*

#13 CapsuleCorp on 9 years ago

I know, I missed too. I was watching the calendar but nothing came to me. ALAS.

one of these years. I swear.

#14 von Drago on 9 years ago

Well don't give up now! Keep thinking & drawing cause as soon as one deadline is reached the submission period starts for the [U]next[/U] Costume-Con!

So all your ideas can be entered for the Folio for CC29 :)

#15 trixyloupwolf on 9 years ago

i gave some ^o^ ok many ^^;;
maybe theyll pick at least one or two ^^;; would be fun ^^

i know i have draw chibbi =_= but that all i can draw =_=;;;;;

hope they give news soon ^^;;
i did not even got a confirmatin thingy that they got them
so professional =-= ''sarcasm''

but o well no news maybe good news witht them ^^;;;;
since theyr no big on giving news at all hehehe ^^

well let us wait and see nya<!!!!