Clamp Gathering 09

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#1 Erudito on 9 years ago

Hey everyone!

As I am a big clamp fan and have four Clamp cosplays I figured I'd start up the Clamp gathering thread on

Not sure what I'll be bringing yet, but I'll add it as soon as i know.


Come on Clampers let's rock this!

#2 Garnet Runestar on 9 years ago

I'll be wearing my Marianne Vi Briatannia cosplay, from Code Geass on The last day
(to my knowledge, lol). But I'm not sure what time I will have the masquerade is going to eat most of my con time.

#3 Katie-chan on 9 years ago

I believe I'm now bring a new Tsubasa Sakura. It will also be for the Masquerade, final day.

#4 iaShakezula on 9 years ago

maybe on the second day I will be Suzako

#5 weirdlilfaechil on 8 years ago

I'll be Chii on the last day, possibly with a Freya and a Sumomo and would love to join.