Losing weight and Cosplay

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#1 mokulen22 on 13 years ago

#2 Shinigami_Mimi on 13 years ago

Before I ever cosplayed I always wanted to lose weight, and it's kinda a habit that I want to keep losing it till I reach 120 or 115lbs. Only 10 lbs to go. XD Woo. Lol. But yeah, a lot of ppl do lose weight just for cosplaying. It's a good feeling being the same weight as your character.

#3 dragulinainvers on 13 years ago

i am working on loosing weight, just to be happier about myself. I dont like how i look, and think that if i am healthier and a little thinner everything would be good. and cosplaying would be a plus ^^;;Though some body types, (mine) will never be really skinny (so much for cosplaying as Thief rikku ^^;;). And be careful with the whole loosing weight rapidly...yo yo diets are bad, because once you are off of one you gain the weight faster.

#4 UsagiNoSenshi on 13 years ago

I'd love to drop a few pounds, and cosplay is really the only thing that motivates me enought to get off my butt and do something! XP

#5 Yusuke Urameshi on 13 years ago

Yes...I keep in shape mainly because of cosplay. Dieting is bad.....The trick to losing weight is getting rid of junk food. I lost 10-15 pounds by just not eating any sort of junk food, like chips, McDonalds, greasy foods, etc. Instead of eating a snack to hold you over until lunch or dinner....just drink water. That "snack" could have just the same amount of calories and such as a full meal, and it wont even fill you up. The key to losing weight is "eating". When you just stop eating....your metabolism slows down, so it makes it near impossible to lose weight....and then when you do eat alot (like at a party or celebration or such) you gain alot. If you just eat regularly and healthily, you can easily lose 15 pounds...and you dont even have to do any excersie. Although, you could add excercise to drop some more weight.
And it's not just losing weight....you have to gain some muscle. Doing light exercises with dumbbells repetatively can tone your arms and such.

#6 Maayacola on 13 years ago

Well, i lost about a 60 pounds, and that gave me the ability to start cosplay. Because heck-- people already used to stare at me because I was 5'5 and weighed more than my mother, why not have them stare at me for something completely different-- something I could control!

So really, yeah. Confidence is upped by weightloss, and i think confidence is what makes good cosplay.

#7 Dewprincess on 13 years ago

I'm not that big to start with, but when I found out that I had gained 15 pounds since last year, I really decided I wanted to slim down again and cosplay has been a big motivator to me. I don't think anyone would really want to see fat hanging out of my new sailor fuku ;) I'm about 2 pounds short of my current goal (120 lbs) at the moment. I may try for 115, but only if I feel it's a plausible goal without doing a bad crash diet or not eating (I've learned from experience that this is BAD.)

#8 jai on 13 years ago

Yeah, like you, I'm on the (very) heavy side.. still am, but since I decided to cosplay, I've been exercising more (haven't lost weight) but definately got more defined muscles which makes me feel better about cosplaying.

#9 MissLauren on 13 years ago

my back doctor told me to work out or he'd kick my ass. im 4'10 and 114lbs, and im very happy with where i am. ._O i cant see myself losing more weight, even if it was for cosplay.

#10 esantiago7292 on 13 years ago

im trying to lose weight, it's not working, but im doing my best but emotional problem are getting me down T_T

#11 Firestar on 13 years ago

not just for cosplay, but i'd love to just go thinner and thinner. honestly, i could probably be one of those anerexic bone sticking out of body people and still be like... eep... im fat. i dont know. it'd be nice to be able to work down to a 1 or 0 pant size, but i doubt i can do that. damn you self conciousness.

#12 ckeody on 13 years ago

I'm planning on cosplaying Zabuza from Naruto (the shirtless version) so I'll have to work on getting some muscle tone in my stomach region (AKA a four or six pack) xD. As for losing weight, I haven't gone on any diets or weight loss regimens for any costumes and I plan to keep it that way (hopefully....)

#13 Shota on 13 years ago

Although I only weigh 112 lbs, I think I could stand to lose some weight and 'tone up' a bit. Especially since I'm quite short (5'3'').

Heh, but I could never give up junk food. I do drink water, and only eat fast food every now and then--but I could never stick to a regular healthy diet. I would much rather eat what I want and live happily. I have, however, started excersizing more often. I walk whenever I can and do at leat 25 push-ups a day. It's not much, but my body does feel more energized after doing one of these activities.

#14 Yusuke Urameshi on 13 years ago

I eat (or atleast try to eat) fastfoods about once a month, and instead of sodas I drink juices and green tea (one green tea brand had 5 calories per serving....compared to 180 per soda). Green tea in particular is an antioxidant and it really helps to purify the body and keep everything running smoothly. Sodas on the other hand...kill your kidneys, and all that sugar turns to fat, not to mention all of the sodium and other stuff.....Green tea has about the same amount of caffine as sodas, so once you start to drink tea, you dont really crave sodas anymore...

Green tea>>Sodas

#15 Jujubeans on 13 years ago

I'll sometimes go on a diet during the cosplay season to slim down. Habits take me down afterwards though. ^_^; I'm so bad... but I'll have to do better for my Demon Chrno cosplay next year... gotta tape my boobies or something.