River Song Wig HELP!!!!!

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#1 GeekGal84 on 6 years ago

After going through quite a few threads I have found that this wig is the most common wig used for River. However there seems to be a manufacturer back order and I need the wig for the end of the month!!!! Not sure what to do or what a good alternative is!!!!

Any help would be much appreciated!!


#2 cp123 on 5 years ago

[url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBQ-s24ztZs[/url] not a wig but tutorial!

#3 el3phantbird on 5 years ago


One of these, perhaps? I got my Lucy Saxon wig off this website and the quality was kind of shockingly good for the price, if a little big thin. When a friend of mine was looking for a River wig I directed her here, though I don't know which style she ordered.

#4 ayaasan on 5 years ago

[URL="http://thefivewits.net/2012/01/doctor-sweetie-spoiler-song/"]This[/URL] wig is specifically for River, and [URL="http://arda-wigs.com/products/glinda"]this[/URL] wig would also work beautifully in ash blonde :)

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