Steins;Gate 2013!

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#1 Rudiger on 5 years ago

Okabe here!

Was hoping to do a photoshoot on Friday at 2:00PM and Saturday at 2:00PM, to meet at the stone garden.

Does anyone have other times they'd be okay with?

#2 musepoetique on 5 years ago

Would love to do a photoshoot, however I haven't heard of too many other Steins Gate cosplayers for Katsucon.

#3 Rudiger on 5 years ago

there's gonna be one at 3PM on Friday at the same location

#4 musepoetique on 5 years ago

Unfortunately I won't be able to make Friday. Won't be getting in until around 9pm.

Is the Saturday one still on?

#5 Rudiger on 5 years ago

The one on Sat is still on

The photohoot for fri is pushed back to 2