CostumeCon 32 Future Fashion Folio open for submissions

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#1 Kaijugal on 6 years ago

#2 Kaijugal on 6 years ago

Trixy tells me the submissions are already starting to roll in. :) If you haven't checked out the Future Fashion Design Contest, please do. :) And if you have any questions please contact us. :) Cheers!

#3 Buddycat on 6 years ago

Perhaps this needs to be on the Ongoing FFF thread?

#4 trixyloupwolf on 6 years ago

i have only a few 20 entry from 3 or 4 people
please do not forget to send me some ^^
event just one <3

luv ya people !!
iam waiting for your entry hehe!!!

#5 Kaijugal on 6 years ago

Don't forget to get to work on your fashion drawings for the Costume-Con 32 Future Fashion Folio!


There are also some special sponsored themes this year!

The Sponsored Design Themes are :
1. Classic Universal Monsters, sponsored by Castle Blood. Re-imagine one of the characters from any of the classic monster movies (1954 and earlier) in to how you would like to see them.

1st place 50.00 cash prize, 2nd place, 25.00 and third place 10.00. Each winner will also receive a Castle Blood goodie bag.
Be sure to mark your entries if you want to be in this part of the competition

Castle Blood also sponsored this contest in 1997 at Costume-Con 15 in Baltimore, and in honor of its many Canadian cast members, is pleased to do so again.

2. Best Monster, Myth, Legend Themed clothing or accessories.

3. Best Plus sized design.

Please note you are entering for these themes on the designs you are entering in these categories.

#6 trixyloupwolf on 5 years ago

congratz to all the people who made it in the folio this year ^^
the folio has been judge october 5 ^^
finish the book october 10
and is now in the hand of the person doing grammar correction ( your descriptions thing and the introduction and blabla and infos stuff ^^)

so yeah waiting for that in hope it not bee too long ^^::
(hint hint if you read hehe hug miss)

so be patien its gonna be soon hopefully
work hard on it for you all
hope you like it ^^

again congratz to you who made it in ^^
you know who you are cause i already email them to let them know hehe!!!

in hope to send it to you all before chrismast