Skype Cosplayers?

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#1 ArvannaViciu on 6 years ago

I'm looking for some cosplayers who don't have to be in the area, just want to chat, talk about anime, themselves, or cosplay online as well :) Do I have any takers? My skype is caitlyn.muchler if you want to add me :) I also have a facebook and yahooIM!

#2 Yessi on 6 years ago

Yea, alright, why not :> I'll add you! Im yessi.marquinez if anyone else is interested.

#3 BruisedBlood on 6 years ago

my skype is below in my siq :3

#4 YakuzaCupcake on 6 years ago

Sounds fun! My skype is CheesecakeDemon if anyone wants to add me^^

#5 SoraXroxasXaxel on 6 years ago


#6 Narutokris on 6 years ago

My Skype is Dcsoloskater if anyone wants to chat! Looking for more friends!

#7 WumpaFruit on 6 years ago

Mine's HardPocky
I should prolly get on more often, though, haha!

#8 omgitsnessy on 6 years ago


#9 ToxicShower on 6 years ago

Mines toxicshower!(:

#10 Marbleyes on 6 years ago


#11 Ember1412 on 6 years ago

Mine is Aluxra.

#12 Dollicon on 5 years ago

I had this idea recently, but didn't post anything because it forbids asking for personal information. Is Skype considered personal?

This thread is fairly dead, but I'd like to post anyway. My Skype is [b]SirKitten[/b]. Add me! I look forward to finding someone with similar hobbies as I. Just let me know in your Skype invite who you are and where you're from ( so I don't reject you.

#13 xXEmi-ChanXx on 5 years ago

This thread is pretty dead, but it always seemed like a fun idea to me!

My skype is below in my signature, I'd love to talk to you guys!(:

#14 Morana on 5 years ago

My skype's Morana.

#15 kenharel on 5 years ago

Mine's kendraduck717. Let me know you're from this thread and I'll add you :)