Days inn: Roommate(s) needed

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#1 Tai Prime on 5 years ago

Hello i'm looking for some roommates to fill my room at the days inn. The hotel is situated right in front of the convention center. It's a short walk and very covenant for anyone who is wearing a heavy cosplay or just doesn't like to walk much in the weather of summer in Baltimore. As of now there are 3 people (2 girls, 1 guy) confirmed in the room. I'm trying to keep the amount of people in the room to a minimum of 4 to 5 people (6 if needed). Right now since there is 2 beds and there will be bed sharing there is 1 bed spot and 1 (or 2) floor spot(s) left.

I'm also posting this on the Otakon forum. PM or leave a message here if interested or if you have questions.

Price for the room will be for Thursday night to Sunday morning and depends on the amount of people in the room. I will collect in cash on Thursday when you come to the room or though Paypal beforehand.

4 people - $90
5 people - $70
6 people - $60

Rules for the room:
1. Please be courteous to your roommates since we have to share the room for the weekend.

2. Don't touch, borrow, or move another roommates personal property (Luggage, cosplay, clothes, bags, badges, Ect.) with out asking first.

3.Good Hygiene practice it does get super hot out there and wearing a cosplay and/or walking around can cause a lot of sweating.

4.If your going to the rave or late night panels please try and be quiet coming in and out of the room due to others might be sleeping.

5. No drinking or smoking in the room. If you want to have a few at the bar that's fine but be responsible about it.

6. [U]NO SEX![/U] If you find a partner ok but go to Their room for that kind of activity.

#2 Xaevier on 5 years ago

Sent you a PM

#3 Tai Prime on 5 years ago

Room is now Full.

#4 skybladeace on 5 years ago

Hey I am interested in rooming with you. Message me