Bleach: Captain's Haori

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#1 LanceBardock on 6 years ago

Does anyone have an idea about the number of shapes at the bottom of the Captain's Hari?

#2 Blood_Sword on 6 years ago

I think they vary so you're free to do how many you think looks right. Here's a photo which shows my Ukitake cosplay's haori shapes very well: [URL=""][/URL]

#3 CapsuleCorp on 6 years ago

There isn't a finite number that's the same from captain to captain (or even animator to animator). Pay attention to the shapes at the beginning and end of the pattern, and then proportionally space the diamonds and dots so that they fit evenly around the bottom of your haori and begin and end on the correct shape. It just takes some thinking and pre-planning. It would look awkward if you thought you had the right spacing, started from one side, and then when you were almost done realized you have an extra 5 inch gap between shapes or something. Use a temporary marker like pins, washable chalk, etc, to plot out the spacing before you even start painting (or sewing if you're appliqueing).

#4 LanceBardock on 6 years ago

Same thing applies for Urahara's Haori as well?

#5 Blood_Sword on 6 years ago

If you mean his "green clothes" version I think so.

#6 LanceBardock on 6 years ago

Yeah. The black Haori with the white diamonds. If it's the same then that makes things alot easier. Thanks for all the help!