Blade of the Immortal?

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#1 CosplayerKirito on 6 years ago

I know it's an old anime, but I'd like to see who around here has seen it before. I thought it was cool and would love to discuss it with people!

#2 Altrus on 6 years ago

Well, this is a dead subsection of the forum. Still, I saw this and though it'd be worth posting. The blade of the immortal anime is pretty "meh". It really lacks something compared to the Manga. The Manga, on the other hand, is fantastic and still ongoing. Sadly, it comes out a a glacial pace since it's written and illustrated by just one guy.

#3 CosplayerKirito on 6 years ago

Yeah, I heard the manga was better, and I, even thought the anime could use some work, but I still found it quite good.