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#1 Silence_Sigh on 14 years ago

whats your favorite manga and manhwa? what series do you collect and what have your read?

well, i have a looooong list and most of my mangas are korean translated because its usually on par with the japanese release and the US release takes way too long and lagged behind.

with mangas, i own all the series of GTO, legend of the dragons son용랑전(1~37), i use to own all the dragon balls but my parents threw those away long time ago.. (T_T), the romance of the three kingdoms, cao caos storyline창천항로 1~37), rurouni kenshin바람의 검신 (1~28), 20th century boys(my new fav. 1~17) and a mix of onepiece, hunter hunter, crying freeman, arms, ranma etc.

i do own some english translated mangas like shaman king, angel sanctuary, suikoden etc

my manwhas i mainly have are hiphop, 열혈강호, kid gang, etc

oh yah... and i too poor and ghetto to own book shelves for these books so what i do is i put them in empty ramen boxes and hide them FAR back underneath my queen sized bed so no one can take them. lol, but its a bitch to take them out so i can read myself. >.

#2 Crystalike on 14 years ago

i have Naruto, CardCaptor Sakura, X/1999, w Juliet, Peach Girl, xxxHolic, Fushigi Yugi, here is Greenwood, wolf's rain, shaman King, Sailor Moon, Bleach, Ranma, whistle, Magic Knight Rayearth, chobits, and a whole lot of other CLAMP titles.

#3 Hideki-san on 14 years ago

웨스턴 샷건, 굿모닝 티쳐, 다이어트 고고, 프리스트, 천추 등의 만화를 보았다는...

#4 Silence_Sigh on 14 years ago

[QUOTE=Hideki-san]웨스턴 샷건, 굿모닝 티쳐, 다이어트 고고, 프리스트, 천추 등의 만화를 보았다는...[/QUOTE]

다이어트고고 하고 프리스트 was 재밋서 ^^ i read it when i was in korea last summer

#5 Crystalike on 14 years ago

i luff Good Morining Teacher! so good! oh, Tsubasa (수바사) is hecka good too.

#6 ssmitty on 14 years ago

I really enjoyed "Under the Glass Moon." I do wish they (TokyoPop) would bring the next volumes out, or at least notify people as to why not more of it is out, yet. ;_; The art is beautiful and I love the mix of mysticism and slapstick humor.
"Hana Yori Dango" is also a big favorite of mine.
The first time I ever came across "Ranma 1/2" was in Korean! Yeah, I fell in love. *LOL*

#7 Silence_Sigh on 14 years ago

the first time i saw ranma was on a korean dub anime video and i that was a very long time ago!!

#8 Crystalike on 14 years ago

that's like the most ancient anime that ppl love or hated...

#9 Silence_Sigh on 14 years ago

[QUOTE=Crystalike]that's like the most ancient anime that ppl love or hated...[/QUOTE]

oh believe me... ive seen way older animes...
ick... that just made me feel old.. :lost:

#10 ssmitty on 14 years ago


I.N.V.U. is pretty good as well.

ackkkkkkk you're not old~~ you're only old when you're about 50 and you still go to anime conventions in cosplay. Believe me, I've seen it happen.[/QUOTE]

I've have the first few volumes of that. We're collecting too many series right now so that one has been put on hold.

#11 Crystalike on 14 years ago

WAHAHAH!! im the ddong-seng!! X{ XP XD XO

well, the oldest mangas i can think of is like...Dragon Ball Z or Oh! my Goddess! <3 luv Belldandy and Peorth and Sayoko and ......etc.

#12 beambitious on 14 years ago

요즘에 재밌는것들은...:
NANA, Tenshi Nanka Janai, 궁, 백작카인, 블리치, BECK, 명탐정 코난;;;

란마는 아마도 처음 접한 에니인듯; (만 5살 정도때)
처음으로 버닝한 에니는 카드켑터 사쿠라;;;; 그리도 헬싱, X/1999, 꽃보다 남자 (hana yori dango), Paradise Kiss, 내 남자친구 이야기 (gokinjo monogatari), Peach Girl, 파르페틱, Full Metal Panic 재밋게 봤어요.
꽃보다 남자는 끝부분 실망했다는;
Ai Yazawa님 갠적으로 굉장히 좋아해요.

#13 Crystalike on 14 years ago

yeah! peach girl!!! LUFF LUFF LUFF!!!

#14 kiwi_lady on 14 years ago

i like xxxholic, tsubasa, and NOW... 라그나로크도 젬나게 봤는데... they dont come out anymore :(

#15 Crystalike on 14 years ago

Tsubasa isn't really good compared to the other mangas, but for CLAMP it's a jackpot.