Final Fantasy Cosplayers

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#1 Natalie on 13 years ago

Because I always have to make a ff thread. I want to know who may be doing a ff cosplay, then maybe we can schedule a shoot, and maybe I can finally not miss it. >.<

I'm going to be Shiva all weekend.

#2 Ici on 13 years ago

Summoner Yuna...yay >.>

#3 lunasreincarnat on 13 years ago

hopefuly SeeD selphie!

#4 Natalie on 13 years ago

Oooh. Sounding good so far! Can't wait to see everyone. This will be my first time at this convention, and I'm really looking forward to it. ^_^

#5 IxionZap on 13 years ago

Rikku, FF 10 version.

#6 Tess on 13 years ago

Depending upon how my schedule works out, I'll either be Wedding Yuna or Summoner Yuna. XD

@-->--- Tess

#7 Flicker on 13 years ago

Possibly going as Selphie in her yellow jumper type dress (in addition to my other random cosplays), but even if I don't, I'll try to be there to take pictures for people.

#8 LaPetiteSalope on 13 years ago

I'll be there as Berserker Yuna

#9 WildSpice on 13 years ago

I'm going to do an Amano Moomba hopefully ^_____^

#10 Natalie on 13 years ago

Oh. Amanda.. I can't wait to see that! I love the "Amano trend" that is sweeping us all.

#11 BloodyBunny on 13 years ago

This will be my first AUSA!! Myself and a friend will be going as Tifa(FFVII) and Quistis(FFVIII) on Saturday only.

Can we do this on Saturday... ? o.o;;


:~: Bunny[/B]

#12 YunalescaSummon on 13 years ago

wedding yuna. there's a thread on the anime USA forums ([url][/url]) with the date and time of an FF shoot.

#13 Ranma Saotome on 13 years ago

I suppose I could bring Naval Barret. :3

#14 NiGHTmaren on 13 years ago

I'll be wearing my Amano Rydia all day Saturday. ^^

#15 WildSpice on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=Hime no Toki]I'll be wearing my Amano Rydia all day Saturday. ^^[/QUOTE]

I changed from Amano Moomba to Rosa.....thanks to XD. Wh00t for Amano <3.