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#1 Kagomekai on 6 years ago

#2 violetlights on 6 years ago

Ahh that's awesome! Definitely looking forward to adding to my collection! :)

#3 Kagomekai on 6 years ago

I've been waiting so long to be able to get these in English (without ordering online) so I know how you feel :)

#4 GraveTheUndead on 6 years ago

I love Adventures! >w<

Though the art style feels a bit too lacking lately :'C Yamamoto's art is great but...the constant near emotionless expressions on characters doesn't fit the's kind of upsetting. Wish he'd go back to his old style when he first started.

#5 solomon7916 on 4 years ago

Is the manga series even worth reading? I watch the anime all the time and I know the two aren't similar at all. Just curious because I've been wanting to get into a new series ever since Naruto ended back in October.