Captain Jack's Last Rum Party!!!

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#1 Captain Jack on 6 years ago


DATE AND TIME: Friday, January 4th; 8:00 p.m.
LOCATION: T.B.A. (most likely one of the ballrooms across from registration)

I haven't posted a Rum Party thread in... years, it seems! But our forums aren't really active anymore, so I wanted to get the word out here.

I will be hosting my last Rum Party at Anime LA 2013, and will be passing the torch to my co-founder Matt Simmons (Simmaria here on the forums). I will be focusing on raising my family (my wife and I had our first baby this December) and so I will now only host our encampment at Pirate and Renaissance Faires, while Matt will take over Rum Parties for the foreseeable future.

Our schedule is as follows:
[*]8:00 p.m.: Event kicks off, games and bar are open
[*]9:00 p.m.: Belly Dancing Contest
[*]10:00 p.m.: Captain's Challenge
[*]11:00 p.m.: Treasure Hunt
[*]12:00 a.m.: Wench & Cabin Boy Auction, Closing Ceremonies

At our bar, we will be serving "rum" (iced tea) and "ale" (root beer) at the cost of two gold coins per cup. Gold coins can be one at our gambling games, which operate all night (though they take breaks during certain special events). We will have roughly half a dozen gambling games to choose from, involving cards, dice, etc.

The gambling games won't be announced here, because the games we play depend on the crew members that make it to the event.

Our Belly Dancing Contest will take place at 9:00 p.m., and will feature volunteer dancers from our audience. (We may go out of our way to ask somebody to volunteer, but if you want to participate, talk to one of our crew members and they'll point you in the right direction.) The winner of the Belly Dancing Contest gets a total of 200 gold coins!
[*]We will take up to (and no more than) 10 participants.
[*]Participants with appropriate belly dancing/wench/gypsy type outfits are definitely given preference!
[*]All participants must be at least 18 years of age (bring a photo ID please!)
[*]The dancers will each get one minute to dance to our music, and the winner is selected by audience vote. Here's the fun part: the audience votes by throwing beaded necklaces onto the stage during the performance!

The Captain's Challenge is a multi-stage tournament that anybody can enter, as long as they can afford the buy-in of 30 gold coins. We will allow up to 16 participants, and the winner of the challenge wins the pot of up to 480 gold coins!
[*]Round one is wench-wooing, and each participant will get one shot on the microphone to woo three of our loveliest ladies. Audience and wench reaction will determine the top 8 - the rest are eliminated! (As per Anime-LA rules, wench-wooing dialog must still be kept to a PG level.)
[*]Round two is ale chugging. Each of the eight contestants will be paired up, and take turns trying to chug down a 20 oz bottle of root beer. The four who win move on, and the other four are eliminated.
[*]Round three is sword-fighting! Participants will again be paired up, and fight with foam swords. The winner of each round is determine by our Pit Boss, and the overall winner of the sword-fighting tournament is the winner of our Captain's Challenge!
Note: Captain Jack reserves the right to throw terrible curve-ball's at you guys during this event, because it's only appropriate in the spirit of piracy. Also, it's hilarious.

Our Treasure Hunt is still having the details ironed out. I will post them here as soon as I have them!

At midnight, we will host our Wench & Cabin Boy Auction, where five lovely ladies and five dashing lads will be put up on the auction block for your bidding pleasure! Use the gold coins you've won at the gambling games or in our other events to bid on those you wish to buy!
[*]You do not actually own the person you buy.
[*]After the auction, we will hold a one-song dance in which the auction winners dance with their newly purchased wench(es) and/or cabin boy(s).
[*]Bidders are allowed to combine their winnings to buy someone.
[*]Bidders can buy any number of auctionees, as long as they have the coin.
[*]All sales final.

Our Closing Ceremonies will take place immediately following the Auction Dance, and will involve a passing of the Captain's Hat to the new Rum Party Captain, and then (as long as the crowd so desires) we will reopen the games and keep the music and fun going as long as the con will let us!

I'm hoping we can put on the best Rum Party yet! I'd love to have you all there to enjoy the games, rum and merriment, so please come by and enjoy yourself on Friday night of the con!


~ Captain Jack

#2 sarg3_5laught3r on 6 years ago

While it is sad that we won't get to see you around much after this one, I am happy that it is indeed under positive circumstances. My best wishes to your and your family!

#3 Puppy-of-Doom on 6 years ago

me and chiboro will go! i always wanted to go!

#4 Dark1WingAngel on 6 years ago

Me and TsukixxHime will for sure be there! Cant Wait man!

#5 NekoMilly on 6 years ago

I have yet to ever attend one. I will try to be there. Sounds fun! ^^

#6 The Merchant on 6 years ago

I've always had fun at Rum Party and am sad that this is happening but I know that it will be in good hands. I am definitely going to drop in and kick it with you guys. Blessings to you and your family my friend. ^_^

#7 Captain Jack on 6 years ago

The con is working on getting us the room an hour earlier so we can do some more events. We usually start at 8 p.m., so this means we would start at 7. Right now I'm thinking:
[*]7:00 p.m. - Rum Party starts, gambling games and beverage bar are opened (at this point we'll start looking for Belly Dancing Contest participants)
[*]8:00 p.m. - Belly Dancing Contest, announce the buy-in for Captain's Challenge and Treasure Hunt (over the next hour we accept buy-ins)
[*]9:00 p.m. - Captain's Challenge
[*]10:00 p.m. - Treasure Hunt
[*]11:00 p.m. - Wench/Cabin Boy Auction, Treasure Hunt winners announced, and we do our "Passing of the Torch" ceremony where I pass the Rum Party Captainship on to my First Mate

We'll keep the games going, the beverages served, and the music going as long as we can. In the past, we've gone 'til about two a.m., so we'll see if it runs that late (or if the hotel will let us). Also, if the crowd thins out, we'll shut down earlier.

I'm really looking forward to this event, and thanks to you all for the kind words and support!

#8 rmtakesover on 6 years ago

See you there captain. I got that day off specially for you.

#9 Captain Jack on 5 years ago

The first post has been updated with the complete schedule of events! Let me know if you have any questions. :)

#10 salvagedsword on 5 years ago

Sounds great, Captain!

#11 sarg3_5laught3r on 5 years ago

if partaking in the Captain's Challenge and someone is say, diabetic, could they go and get their own 20oz. bottle of diet soda to chug? Diet root beer should count as double, since it tastes like ass XD

#12 Captain Jack on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=sarg3_5laught3r;4569820]if partaking in the Captain's Challenge and someone is say, diabetic, could they go and get their own 20oz. bottle of diet soda to chug?[/QUOTE]

That sounds reasonable to me, but they should have it handy before the start of the event so as not to slow things down!

#13 Captain Jack on 5 years ago

You can now like our crew on Facebook!


Looking forward to seeing you guys again! LESS THAN TWENTY-FOUR HOURS, MATES!!!