Metrocon Photos Thread!

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#1 Prota-Girl on 10 years ago

[CENTER]-Did you take my picture?-
Thats always the question.[/CENTER]

Hiya! This thread is for posting links to Metrocon pics and stuff.

My Photos are being uploaded on my Myspace (Link in sig) and my Deviant art [url][/url]

And as an FYI as to who I was

Friday: Kabuto Yakushi.

Saturday: Gothic Loita Kabuto.

Saturday Night: Girl with the Spider Man cap (Spider Girl).

Sunday: Vincent Valentine.

Lemme know if anyone snagged a shot of me. GOod luck everyone and I hope you all had as much fun as I did at Metro! xD

NOw, Start posting your pics! xD

#2 missind33 on 10 years ago

[URL="[email protected]/"][email protected]/[/URL]

Friday I was Konata from Lucky Star, and Sat. I was Belle from Beauty and the Beast (ball gown)

#3 Prota-Girl on 10 years ago

I LOVED YOUU! *got pic of you* I'll get it up soon! xD

#4 MelanoMeru on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=missind33;2536563][URL="[email protected]/"][email protected]/[/URL]

Friday I was Konata from Lucky Star, and Sat. I was Belle from Beauty and the Beast (ball gown)[/QUOTE]

I got a picture of you as konata and shana from jacon! Ha I don't know if you remember me. I have your picture, I'm about to put them on my myspace. :D

#5 allieee on 10 years ago

Hey guys ^_^
Saturday I was Yuna (Final Fantasy X style) walking around with a Lulu, and Saturday night I was Misa (Death Note)
So if anybody got any pictures that would be great!

I'll upload the like....2 I took later on tonight =D! I wish I could have taken some more T_T I kept leaving the stupid camera in the hotel room

#6 wingedinfinity on 10 years ago

I got ALOT of pictures
well..actually my mom did.
But my lap top doesn't have enough memory to store that many
pictures and stuff..>>
so i'll have to wait till i get back home xD

On friday i was Aina from .hack GU
I also dressed in a Kimono for anime idol (i was the first contestent who sang Sakura biyori) and i was also dressed in a lolita dress with pink hair after that. xD
Saturday i was simca (the one with the chaps and the rose pink wig. not a light pink xD) i was also in the kimono fashion show. >.<
Sunday i was dressed in a lolita dress and i had my hair down in curls.

If you got any pics of me let me know. @[email protected]

#7 desude on 10 years ago

i was one of the silent hill nurses duo, and we were also part of an unplanned silent hill group (2 pyramid heads, alessa, and sometimes a different nurse) . we had a severed head with us. If anyone has anymore pics, please upload them! thanks~

#8 MelanoMeru on 10 years ago

Also, I was the "other" water nation katara that was there. The really good one was in the Avatar shows, not including the handful of fire nation kataras. It was kind of intense being around them but I loved both Aang and Katara, they were both really nice. :]

I was also, one of the two ganguros that were walking and dancing around.

Have a pic? Notice me?

(Anyone find some people's costumes amazing or outrageous?)

I loved the Haruhi group of three, and some of the Trinity blood cosplayers.

#9 Trainer_Austin on 10 years ago

I am currently making a video of all of the pictures i took there. It should be up on youtube in an hour or so.

I was the Pokemon Trainer, from Emerald version. Nobody knew me...=[

But at least my ganguro costume was noticed

#10 Illexxxi on 10 years ago


I saw a lot of great cosplayers from Metro, but I didn't get as many photos as I should've TT_TT I'll edit and put 'em up either tonight or tomorrow.

If you have a picture of a Matt with two Game Boys on his chest and a Mello carried on a leash, let us know! We'd LOVE to see the pictures <3

#11 MachinaPrincess on 10 years ago

I took quite a few pics and I'm really proud of myself. Metrocon i took like 16 and Jacon even less x3 but they will all posted on my cosplay myspace


If you're there let me know and I'll put it in the caption line. I'm uploading them as we so they should be up before the end of the night (myspace is giving me problems ><) but they shall all be up by later on tonight!

[COLOR=red]EDIT: okay its going to take me a little longer then planned on getting my pics up. My roommates computer is being stupid and keeps freezing up on me. I'm in the computer room at my apartment complex but the computer that i'm on (and the only one that is free) has a messed up disc drive. Hopefully the girl on the other computer will leave so I can try using that one. I WILL have these pics up though....sometime soon!
[COLOR=#ff0000]Also did anyone get pics of me and/or my group. I was Shippuden Sakura all weekend. Friday it was Me, Naruto, SNJ Naruto, Kakashi and SNJ Kakashi. Saturday it was Me, Naruto, Sai and maybe a kakashi (she came and went). And friday it was me, a naruto and kakashi again though we all split up sunday and I was hanging with a Rikku (FFX-2). If you have any pics PLEASE let me know i will <3 you forever

#12 SiriusLoveGirl on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=Trainer_Austin;2536697]I am currently making a video of all of the pictures i took there. It should be up on youtube in an hour or so.

I was the Pokemon Trainer, from Emerald version. Nobody knew me...=[

But at least my ganguro costume was noticed[/QUOTE]

I saw you in your Pokemon costume AND the ganguro costume (at least, I think that was you. Did you ask a Pence and Olette for a picture?) but I didn't have the chance to ask for a picture. >_< Sorry! You looked great!

I'll be uploading my stuff momentarily, and once I get my friend's photos I'll stick them all in a flickr gallery. :D

#13 NecroticNymph on 10 years ago

Hello people! I'm in the process of uploading my mom's pics from Saturday and my own pics from Sunday. They will be posted at . Just click on "Gallery" =3

If anyone has pics of me and/or my friends, they'd be appreciated.

Friday I was Giselle (Pink Dress) from Enchanted.

Saturday I was BeachParty!Azula from Avatar, although everyone thought I was Fire Nation Katara. I was with a BeachParty!Zuko and Fire Nation Toph, and later on a BeachParty!Ty Lee. We hung out with the Fire Show Avatar cosplayers for a bit and we had bunches of pics taken of us.

My friends were cosplaying as Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear (we had two of 'em, lol), Dante from DMC4 and Yukito from Tsubasa. He had the sweet staff that everyone seemed to compliment.

Any and ALL pics are appreciated! Once again, my photos will be posted at over the next day or so!!!

#14 missind33 on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=NecroticNymph;2536764]Friday I was Giselle (Pink Dress) from Enchanted.[/QUOTE]

I knew it! I told my sister,"Hey I think Ariel was Giselle." and she didn't agree. But I was totally right! You looked amazing!

Most of the pictures I have my sister took so most are half body shots. I need to teach her how to take pictures of the entire costumes! The pictures don't give cosplayers justice!

#15 Spades-Ace on 10 years ago

I had a lot of fun this weekend! I was school Ichigo friday, Ocarina of Time Link saturday, and RadioShack Ichigo today (sunday).