Help on making a specific Cosplay Outfit

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#1 Target Kiku on 9 years ago

Hi! This is the first Cosplay outfit I am making, so I apologise for asking so many questions and being specific, but I really need help because no one around my area is able to teach me.

The cosplay is for a video game character (Da Qiao in Dynasty Warriors)

Here's the front of the dress for my character. I am wondering whether the gold should be painted on somehow (if so, with which kind of paint materials? or sewn on with gold material. Also there are metal bits with chains on the sides. What materials can make the metal bit, and how can I attach the chain part to the metal bit and then the metal bit to the dress?

For the shoes, I am wondering whether it would be best to get a pair of shoes that look like these and then work on them. If I so, how to I get the material on? Should it be sewn or glued? If I am going to make the shoes by scratch, what materials should be used and how should they be put together?

This is the weapon. I don't know what to use to make the crystal shape at the end, and say if I am using a baton as a base, how I am meant to attach this large crystal on the baton without it falling (there is a crystal on both ends)

This is the hat, and it has lots of metal bits at the top. What material could I make them out of, and also how can I attach them to the hat without them falling off?

I appreciate any answers. Thanks for reading~

#2 exdream42 on 9 years ago

For the front of the dress(with the gold flower), I suggest making a stencil of it and painting it on with fabric paint. For the metal bits, get an old necklace or something and break it apart(needle nose plyers). Attach them to whatever by sewing through the link holes.

I'm afraid I'm rather bad at shoe things and can't assist there.

I made a weapon like this once. Use a baton(or umbrella handle) and that kiddy modeling clay stuff. It's like foam and comes in a bag. Use that to shape it wider up to the crystal. To keep the crystal down you could use hot glue or super glue; dont use a weak glue. Maybe a come over it a little with the clay for extra hold. Then wrap the clay in ribbon or paint it with acryillics; for a nice shiny finish spray with glossy coat(you can get this at hardware stores in the paint isle).

For the hat, they make a lace that looks a lot like that stuff around the whole top rim. Maybe buy the lace, spray it silver or whatever and then hot glue or sew it to the edge of the hat. I'm not sure about the metal thing in the middle. Maybe a pawn store for an old similar looking broach? Which in that case, just pin the broach onto the hat.

=D Good luck. I hope someone can give you pointers for the shoes.

#3 Jyrotika on 7 years ago

I agree with exdream42- you'll want to paint that design on. Sewing it on becomes a nightmare.

Chain like that can be bought at AC Moore's, Michael's, and probably Hobby Lobby or JoAnn Fabrics. I would suggest decorating buttons like those metal bits (you can form the knot design from cord and spray paint it to match the chain) and sewing them directly to the dress.

The shoes... I would suggest finding a boot in the right shape, then covering it with fabric or painting it to match. The cuff on the boot can be made out of fabric and the design can be painted on as well.

For the baton, I would suggest using a PVC pipe as a base, then molding the rest of it from clay and gluing it on. Gems similar to the ones on the end can be found at craft stores(I don't remember which ones specifically), but can be rather heavy and expensive. I would suggest gluing these pieces together with E-6000. It's supposedly better than regular glue, dries clear, and I've never had a piece glued with it fall apart. To be sure it'll work, though, read the back of the package. If I remember correctly, it works for fabric, plastic and metals.

The trim on the hat seems to be the kind that has a strip with round, shiny plastic pieces. I don't know where you could find a base for this hat, but I think it's usually called a pillbox hat, if that helps any.