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#1 BladeOfShadows on 6 years ago

I'm planning on making this and having it done by Colossalcon this year (First weekend of June) by making it out of craft foam and whatnot. I'm curious if anyone knows where I can find patterns for characters for armor or clothing, or something I can use to make a pattern online?

I'm more than willing to hand draw all of his pieces out, since that seems like my only solution at this point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

#2 HexxustheBestes on 6 years ago

EVA foam, my friend is going as Armor of the Master for Anime Expo, it'll save you so much time, the patterns however, you will have to most likely hand draw, thats what we did. We used Craft foam for the mid drift, details, and trim of his costume.

#3 Midnight Dawn on 6 years ago

What was just said above. No pattern at this time exists to which you're going to have to do everything yourself.

But please post your picture as I'd love to see it as I'm also planning the same cosplay for fanime 2013.

#4 HexxustheBestes on 5 years ago

There's the vid
heres a pic of all of us together