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Our site is currently being changed over to the new version. Everything you see is currently in read-only mode. Additionally, the layout and UI will not be complete until all sections have been re-enabled, so please ignore any layout issues (or bland-ness) at this time.
#1 Admin on 6 years ago

This is a temporary location for the Marketplace, while we create a new version that allows us to keep scammers to a minimum. For more information on why we had to do this, please read the old announcement here: [url][/url]

I'm pasting the rules from the old marketplace below. Please post in the appropriate category in this forum.

We are enacting a zero-tolerance policy from this point forward.

IMPORTANT: Non-cosplay items are not allowed in here.

1. The Marketplace is a free service available to all registered and active members who have been members of for at least 30 days, and who have at least 10 posts in the forums.

2. Buyer beware. is not responsible for any transactions that take place using the marketplace. The service is provided as-is, for our members to use at their own discretion. By using the service, you agree to not hold liable for any issues that arise from the use of the service.

3. Seller beware. is not responsible for any transactions that take place using the marketplace. The service is provided as-is, for our members to use at their own discretion. By using the service, you agree to not hold liable for any issues that arise from the use of the service.

4. does not warrant the accuracy of any ad or any information posted in the marketplace.

5. By posting an ad, you warrant that the item is in your possession and is available for sale. No pre-sales are allowed.

6. may, at its sole discretion, remove any ad without the permission of the seller.

7. Anyone receiving repeated complaints will have their account reviewed, with possible site-wide account suspension.

8. All items posted for sale must be used/pre-owned items. NO RESELLERS ALLOWED. Breaking this rule is the fastest way to get banned from the site completely.

9. All advertisements expire after 30 days. After expiration, you may relist your item if it hasn't sold yet.

10. All "commission" ads must be cosplay-related.

11. Photography services, including but not limited to photoshoots, photo prints and photo manipulation, are not allowed.

12. Your ad may not link to any website selling new cosplay items.

13. Your ad may not be used for the purpose of sending people to another website.

14. No links to auctions.

15. No contact lenses.

16. Please clearly define the terms of your sale in your ad details. For example, if you are only accepting Paypal, then say so.

17. Describe your item as specifically as possible.

18. Keywords used in ad placements must be relevant to the item for sale. Intentional keyword abuse will result in the removal of the advertisement.

20. No illegal items. No obscene items. No bootlegs. By using this service you agree to adhere to all applicable laws with regard to the legality, sale, accuracy, payment, and delivery of any item contained in any advertisement you submit.

21. Transactions must be completed off-site. is not responsible for your transaction. will not review your transaction. will not arbitrate or broker your transaction.

22. You are allowed to post the following:

One ad in each of the "Commission For Hire" categories.
Multiple ads in all other categories.

23. When an item is sold, please mark it as sold. You can do so by clicking on "SOLD IT" while looking at your advertisement.

24. Images uploaded must be of the actual item you are selling.

25. No selling of your items in comments for other items. You may not take sales from other members by posting in their advertisements.

26. If you post more than one ad in a Commission category, we will remove all but the oldest ad.

27. reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. It is up to you to periodically check the rules for your own compliance

#2 Admin on 6 years ago

A few weeks. Until then, please use this forum.

I will also have the previous ads accessible shortly, in case you want to copy your old one over here.

#3 AmazingKenchan on 6 years ago

I'm an experienced marketplace crawler and moderator, I've been making my living off other marketplaces from other forums for the last 7 years. If you need any assistance, marketplace-specific moderation, etc. I'm willing to offer my services! I've watched for a while, I've only had a 60% successful transaction record here myself, so I'm REALLY happy to see something finally being done about it! Shoot me a PM if you guys need help, I'll pull some credentials for ya :)

#4 Ashli-chan on 6 years ago

When the new Marketplace opens, will all of our previous feedback remain with our accounts? I've had over 50 positives, and I'd really hate to loose all of that.

#5 Admin on 6 years ago

I'll work out a way to carry that over, definitely. New feedback system will be slightly different but I agree that there's no reason you should lose all of your previous positives.

#6 A14jojo on 6 years ago

What will happen to ads that had just been posted before the Marketplace was taken down? Will we have lost all the info we had posted for them? and will there still be a "looking to buy" section?

#7 Admin on 6 years ago

They're not being deleted. I'm taking the day off today and then tomorrow I'll have something up for you to reference your old ads.

#8 vorquellewen on 6 years ago

I have a few items that I want to sell but I'm not sure if they are considered strictly cosplay as I understand it, i.e. a specific character. They were made to be worn and have been worn as costumes but are original designs, can I still sell them in the marketplace forum?

#9 mizuki_hikaru on 6 years ago

Will non-cosplay items ever be allowed again? I'd like to sell some bento-boxes, anime cd's and other asian/convention type stuff. Also are jewelry items still considered cosplay as well as shoes that can be used outside of conventions? I'm sorry for all the questions, but it was kinda nice being able to sell items such as bentos and things that might be used for conventions. Kinda sucks for those that didn't abuse it. Don't get me wrong what must be done must be done, but...awwwww. :(

#10 Admin on 6 years ago

We're still deciding on the non-cosplay stuff, but I will say in advance that it was around 50% of the complaints. Since non-cosplay is pretty much the same as off-topic, we'll only put that section back up if we know the new feedback system suits it better and we can keep it more under control.

I really don't mind having something like that up, but with the way the marketplace just gets more and more popular, we're also seeing some newer members get to the 10 post count minimum in a rush on Day #29 just to jump in on Day #30 and sell a few plushies and old DVD's. And that's really not what this site is here for. We'll talk about it more in the near future.

#11 A14jojo on 6 years ago

So where can we post "Want to buy" ads?

#12 xxmossgardenxx on 6 years ago

Seconding the post asking about where to post Want to Buy adds.

#13 CyberCandy on 6 years ago

Can I third the wtb ads? XD

#14 Ninbri on 6 years ago

I wish the non-cosplay related items were still up. Because we could still sell stuff related to anime, not just things used for cosplay. Like video games, figures, etc.

I want a delete button on these forums. ;w;
& I uh.. fourth the wtb ads? xD

#15 Ronnichu on 6 years ago

I would also like to know where to post want to buy ads! =D