Photoshoot Critique Please =D

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#1 xxchemi on 8 years ago

Yea, so I did some shoots with my friends and I'd like to know how to improve them, if I can =]
Heres some I'd like some critique on.


#2 LoudSilence on 8 years ago

You got some good shots! Good job. ^_^

But, on the third picture, the background on the boy's side is a little too blury. I like the idea of the blur, but if you do this, you should keep it more balanced or simply lighten the intensity of the effect.
And on the forth picture, the girl's face is slightly pixelated.

And as far as poses go, the only one I didn't think was great was the first one. The guy's shoulders are a little tense. But that's just my opinion. ^.^

But, other than that, the pictures are great! Awesome job!

#3 FiveRings on 8 years ago

The crop is too tight on the left side and she seems like she's getting pushed out of the picture.

Crop is a bit tight still, but better composition. The line of the ground seems very centered and I would've liked to see a slightly higher or lower angle.

Good composition and juxtaposition.

The bright empty space on the left behind the girl's head is a bit distracting. The skin processing really kills this one for me.

Again, the crop is odd and there are parts of limbs floating around the edges.

The focus is very centered. I would've liked to see that curved branch in the background used somehow in the composition.

Overall, the post processing seems rushed and sloppy. Maybe because I don't know their story, but the use of selective coloring doesn't really make sense to me as someone viewing it. It might have more significance to them perhaps. Their skin is completely desaturated in one shot and then over-saturated in another and I don't really get what you were going for. Also, most of the post processing seems very extreme and overpowers the image. You seemed to just mask out a circle area of what you wanted and then blurred it or desaturated it.

#4 brucer007 on 8 years ago

I don't see any relation to cosplay in these images. I don't think they belong here, so this will be my only critique.

#5 aubergine on 8 years ago

#1 - Making the colour more more vibrant in the center of this picture actually works against the intention of showing the red string. I actually had to look hard to see it. There's too much going on in terms of colour and texture between the two models to notice such a small string.
#2 - This one is much better, but the composition would have been more appealing if it weren't so symmetrical.
#3 - The blur on the boy's side is too much and makes the whole image look amateurish. As well, if the intention is to make a distinction between the two models, the almost monotonous colours isn't the way to go. This scene should have been shot in an area with more colour. Without the red string, there's no story in the image either. In the future, try to avoid such symmetrical images, as they're not as attractive as you think they are.
#4 - Blur. It's way overdone in this image. The face of the girl is pixelated and blurry. The asymmetry is done well, but the lack of anything to focus on makes me want to look away rather than at it.
#5 - I see what this image is trying to do, but I also see it failing. The boy's body is loose and the expression on the girl's face needs a lot of work. Is he pinning her to the tree? Is she happy, lustful, angry, frustrated, sad? You can't tell from either of your models what the mood is actually supposed to be. The overuse of the colour effects is starting to get a little boring now. Instead of enhancing the picture, the colours are taking away from the natural beauty of the area. It is also giving these pictures an artificial feel to them which makes me feel that the picture could have been taken anywhere. You need to learn how to incorporate the background into the image you're trying to create.
#6 - Colour again. The fact that I can see the circle around the hands is a very bad thing. I shouldn't notice that ring of sepia around the outside so easily. As well, what's the point of the string on his hand? It's not used effectively in the scene being photographed. You could take it out and the image would be the same. Again there's the same symmetry. Because the boy's shirt/hip can be seen in the right side of the picture, the cropping looks sloppy. The focus should be on the arms and hands, and other body parts take away from that.

Overall, I think a little too much effort was put into photoshopping effects into these pictures. I also agree with brucer007. I don't see the cosplay in any of these images and I don't think they belong here. You should keep personal pictures on your personal website/blog.

#6 Eurobeat King on 8 years ago


This picture reminded me of :

[spoiler]an episode of LOST where a couple dies.. w/o the string.[/spoiler] :blubber:

#7 supergeekgirl on 8 years ago

I love your spoiler, and I agree. My issue with this picture in particular (the one with the string between the hands) is that the guy's arm is in an uncomfortable-looking position (it looks twisted backward). I noticed it right off the bat. It's something you'll have to work out with models in the future. There are plenty of poses that are uncomfortable but look right, and then there are poses we don't notice are uncomfortable but that people looking at the picture will feel. Perhaps you should redo that picture and have him loosen his arm a little. I like the pose of the woman's hand and arm, though.

#8 FMA_Forever504 on 8 years ago

great job!!

#9 Flavored Ink on 8 years ago

These are very nice. But go easy on blur. I see what you're trying to do. It's a very beautiful added effect.

#10 ANBUwasabi on 8 years ago

I aint no photographer or nothing but I just thought I'd give my thoughts as a random person viewing it - i like them all the only thing is on pic 2, 3, and 4 the blur seems like too heavy =]
but you got a good creative mind for these pics in my opinion

#11 zoeoviedo on 8 years ago

I really dislike the editing on these... it looks really bad, imo you should take a few classes on post production to get a more clean polished picture.