Russia's waterpipe

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#1 meepstio on 8 years ago

Anyone know how to make russia's waterpipe? I'm sort of a noob when it comes to props, any help is appreciated. Thank you~

#2 Ends Beginning on 8 years ago

I could make it for you. I commission props. And Russia's pipe is on of the more popular ones I make. I make it so it comes apart in the middle for easy pocking/shipping. I use PVC, Textured spary paint and fake blood if it's wanted. I have pictures on my DA if you want to check it out. I ask for $20 plus shipping. It comes with a sunflower for an extra $10.


#3 Chikyeux on 8 years ago

Its a faucet pipe.. C: you could find one at a hardware store perhaps. . C:
i need one myself, so thats were i'm looking first. GOOD LUCK!

#4 hirochan28 on 8 years ago

you can also make one out of a cane, who's handle comes off at a 90 degree angle and then angles downward, although you may have to shape the handle a bit with a sander.. Then, you could buy a cheap screw on faucet handle (like for outside pipes) and attach it with screws. Put a small pcv ring around the mouth of the pipe (end of the cane handle), paint the whole thing silver, and it's done. The only major expense would be the cane, so you'd have to be careful with what/where you buy. If it's too expensive to buy a cane, you can make it out of pvc pipe, as was said above, or just comish it. :3

kinda like this, but the edge of the handle would come down more like a pipe

[url] Fritz Handle Wooden Walking Cane.jpg&imgrefurl=,1851&itbs=1&biw=1408&bih=649[/url]