Set Sail for Fanime! - ONE PIECE '10 gathering

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#1 junkeemunky on 11 years ago


Let's try to put together a kickass gathering this year! I know the thread is starting early, but I want to try and get everything decently organized. I will be continuously updating this post.

Please be advised that Fanime staff will be taking photos of the group and if cosplayers do not wish to be in them to step aside. If you stay then you are giving consent to be photographed.[/B]

Day: Saturday
Time: 1:30p
Location: FiF CE MS = Fountains in Front CE(Convention Entrance by fountains), Marriott Side


So who will be doing OP cosplay at Fanime 2010?


[b]junkeemunky[/b] - Luffy (colorwalk)
[b]Eliteslayer[/b] - Luffy
[b]Shichikou[/b] - Luffy

[b]vixxiii[/b] - Zoro
[b]bahamutknight[/b] - Zoro

[b]psychicpsycho[/b] - Skypiea Nami

[b]R3tt3[/b] - Sanji (Water 7)
[b]Haku Zoi[/b] - Sanji
[b]sadlygrove[/b] - yukata Sanji

[b]klayr[/b] - Nico Robin (colorwalk)



[b]KnightUtena[/b] - Ace
[b]Tenshiryuu[/b] - Kidd


[b]Eliteslayer's nakama[/b] - Sanji
[b]haggyhog[/b] - Zoro
[b]Peacebunnie[/b] - Perona
[b]CountMetal[/b]- Luffy
[b]Naruto_Lover22[/b] - Kuma or Mihawk
[b]R3tt3's nakama[/b] - Nami, Chopper, Akainu
[b]MrsLunaMetallum[/b] - undecided
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Feel free to offer info on any OP-related panels going on during the con, fan-held events, or Day 0 meet ups.

hosted by [b][u]Ahja Reyn[/u][/b]
Day: Thursday
Dinner Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Dinner Location: Johnny Rockets
Photoshoot Location: TBD
Photoshoot Time: 5-6.30pm

presented by Suuppaah Kaizoku Cosplay Group
Day: Saturday
Time: 1p
Location: Fountains / outside the convention center
More info:

hosted by [b][u]Shichikou[/u][/b]
Day: Sunday
Time: 4p
Location: Same as gathering on Saturday

Day: Sunday
Time: 3p
Meeting Place: Fountains in Front Hilton side
Location: Fountains in Front Hilton side
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#2 klayr on 11 years ago

I can't wait! Let's make it the best OP gathering Fanime has ever seen! ♥

#3 junkeemunky on 11 years ago

After getting sick and being unable to wear samurai Luffy this year, I'm really excited to get to wear it for Fanime.

#4 Tenshiryuu on 11 years ago

We'll probably have either the Supernovas again or Unlimited Cruise! I look forward to seeing Samurai Luffy.

#5 Eliteslayer on 11 years ago

As per usual, you can count on me to be there as classic Luffy. I'll try to improve my costume by then -- still a lot of things I need to add or fix on it, but I'm hoping to have it better by then. And I may be presumptuous in saying so right now, but you can probably count on my friend haggyhog coming as Zoro, and one of our friends who doesn't yet have an account to be there as Sanji.

#6 junkeemunky on 11 years ago

Tenshiryuu, I was bummed I didn't get to see your cosplay in person this year! Also, once I start feeling better, I'm immediately going to put this extra time to good use, and make my samurai armor look even better.

Eliteslayer, it wouldn't be an OP gathering without a classic Luffy. I'll add you and your friends to the list.

#7 Kaizoku-Syn on 11 years ago


Davy Back Games are appearing at Fanime definitely!!!

Cosplay of choice: no idea yet. Will definitely recycle the marine costume one of the days.

#8 junkeemunky on 11 years ago

Awesome! I was so bummed I didn't get to participate at AX, I'll definitely be taking part in the games at Fanime.

Also, I look forward to seeing what costume you choose.

#9 Ahja Reyn on 11 years ago

junkeemunky, I gotta say, I'm excited I'll get the chance to see your cosplay next year!! My friend and I have definitely decided on going to Fanime. We're not sure who we'll be cosplaying yet outside of Soul Eater, but I'm definitely going to push for One Piece again.

#10 junkeemunky on 11 years ago

Dude, I was so bummed I missed all your delicious cosplays. I finally saw pics of your Boa Hancock, great job! Also, I think I spotted some of you guys at Johnny Rockets on day 0! Sadly, I ended up going straight back to my hotel and passing out. Ugh, being stressed and ill at con sucks so much...

We're doing two OP cosplays we'd had planned for AX, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Other than that, I'm not sure what else we're bringing.

#11 Ahja Reyn on 11 years ago

Thanks! Were you the one that shouted at us in the pre-reg line about if we would be at the meet-up on Saturday? I thought it was you and was a little sad to see you not dressed up. LoL.

But yeah, the dinner was fun! Its too bad you couldn't make it. In the end I think we had about 12 people which was close to pushing it at a place like Johnny Rockets XD Next year will need a bigger location. Haha.

#12 MoonNeko on 11 years ago

Because of when Otakon sis and I are thinking of trying to make Fanime instead of AX, mainly cause AX and Otakon are in the same MONTH practically..and..and..JM and Klar won't be at AX, and if we're making that 20 hour drive to CA, we want to see you two sooo badly O____O Not sure what the hell One Piece we'll have by then xD

#13 junkeemunky on 11 years ago

Ahja Reyn, that was us! I was excited because I recognized some of you from your pics online. Klayr suggested we get into costume after registering, but it was on our way back to the hotel when I really started feeling sick, and it just stuck all week. It really sucked.

MoonNeko, it'd be pretty rad to finally meet you guys. And I can understand the possible change; our friend just came back from Otakon (after coming with us to AX), and said she was kind of numb/burned out after both cons in such a short time.

#14 Ahja Reyn on 11 years ago

:( that sucks. At least you eventually got better! And on the bright side, your costumes are ready for next year XD

#15 junkeemunky on 11 years ago

True and true! Plus even if I get sick (let's hope not!) at Fanime, that wont be enough excuse to miss this gathering, since the con and hotels are connected. A totally different story, however, when you're walking 9 blocks in LA!

I really hope you end up doing some OP cosplay again.