Pleather/Leather? Dr.Who - Rose Tyler Jacket

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#1 ichigo_m. on 7 years ago

I'm working on this ([URL=""]1[/URL], [URL=""]2[/URL], [URL=""]3[/URL]) outfit from Dr.Who.
I have one problem though... The Jacket...

The jacket in the show is called MOTO by Topshop. I've already tried finding it online to no avail.

So here are my questions!
[INDENT]What material would you use to make the jacket? Pleather? Leather? Rain jacket stuff?
If I were to get [URL=""]this[/URL] jacket would it be dyeable?
Would a denim jacket like [URL=" jacket&pageSize=20"]this[/URL] look decent?
Do any of you have other suggestions for the jacket? (Look alikes to buy, Patterns to use, Etc.)[/INDENT]

I am competent in sewing so I'm not afraid to sew the jacket, I'm just afraid to find the right material...

Any help would be great! Thank you!!

#2 SeizetsuKenSeie on 7 years ago

I would sew it in pleather, or vinyl of a light-weight. It doesn't look like real leather to me anyway. Vinyl goes through the machine pretty easily, you just need to be careful not to mess up your seams because vinyl is a plastic, not a fabric, and any holes you put in it are permanent. This isn't a problem when using pins, but if you need to let out a seam you will be left with "tracks" from the seam before it.

The jacket from wet seal is probably not dyeable. It says it's cotton, but it looks like it has some sort of shiny finish on it, which means it won't take dye.

#3 ichigo_m. on 7 years ago

Awesome!! Thank you very much!! (=

#4 GraelynRose on 7 years ago

Ah! I can't believe I just stumbled across this question. The tag on the jacket says that the shell is 100% nylon and the lining is 100% polyester. If you haven't started making it yet, I can take detailed pictures for you if needed.