Halloween vs Cosplay

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#1 vampricyoda on 8 years ago

I'm curious. Does anyone here actully treat Halloween as something different then cosplay? I've made a disinction for myself, where for Halloween proper I'll wear a crappy store bought costume all day knowing exactly how bad it is. Though a few years back a con landed on Halloween itself and I opted to wear a Micheal Myers costume since he comes out on "Halloween Night"

But I was just wondering if people just wear their normal Anime costumes. Or bring out more Horror based costumes? Or if they do what I do and use it as an excuse to wear purposely bad Halloween costumes?

#2 IAmShorty on 8 years ago

I dont bring out my anime costumes. What Ive started doing recently is wearing relatively normal clothes and a wig or some other aspect of cosplay.

#3 GraelynRose on 8 years ago

Amateur day. :D

I have three unfinished costumes that are coming out for Halloween this year. T&C Rose Tyler, ToA Amy Pond, and AVPM Draco Malfoy.

#4 LavenderCrimson on 8 years ago

For me, cosplay is very different for halloween. I cosplayed for halloween once a few years back and will never do it again, because no one seemed to know that I was an anime character. They just kept saying "what are you???". For Halloween, I just by cheap silly costumes that are kind of "classic". A nurse, a princess, a witch, a pirate. Those sort of things. Halloween is fun, but not a serious event for me. :)

#5 daylight on 8 years ago

I just cosplay as usual. I treat it as less of a big deal though. if something isn't right ill just say 'oh well its just Halloween, ill fix it later'

#6 Emiko87 on 8 years ago

I'm taking one of my cosplays, Ayame Sarutobi from Gin Tama, and adapting it to be more of a generic ninja costume with different accessories ^^

#7 Aleiki on 8 years ago

It depends on the crowd I'm in... my anime club is doing a Halloween party this year, and I'd definitely do cosplay for that if any of my cosplays were functional right now XD; (They're all being fixed.)

But in general, I'll do those bag costumes you can get at Wal-Mart or some seasonal Halloween store. I made the mistake of wearing my Org.13 coat to school for Halloween once, back in high school, and I think two people knew what it was : / For the most part it's just not worth it to keep saying, "Oh, it's from a game," or "it's from a... show." all the time when people ask you about it. Just gets annoying.

#8 Volnixshin on 8 years ago

What's this "anime" you are talking of?

#9 Amanita on 8 years ago

^Yeah, lol!
One thing about cosplaying as a Jedi is that people usually get what you are. The lightsaber's a pretty big clue, lol.

I won't touch those costume-in-a-bag outfits- the options for women tend to really suck, it seems almost everything is "slutty this or slutty that". And it's extremely hard to find costumes if you're plus sized. Even the plus sized costumes aren't safe, it seems even those are getting skimpier.

#10 Onitheris on 8 years ago

Halloween is the weekend before a convention I'm going to, so it will effectivly be like a practice run for my newest costume I'll be debuting at that convention, other than that I'll just be at home handing out candy,hoepuflly making kids wonder what the hell I am.

#11 tarinalove on 8 years ago

well I am actually dressing up again this year. And some kids will know who I am since its from a film. I am having a party so thats always a great thing. :)
but will I be in character? No. I do plan on getting photos though.

#12 RaDragon76 on 8 years ago

Halloween is just another day to me. I don't really care either way since it's been years since I've worn any type of costume on Halloween or even bothered to give out any candy. (Hoards of roaming teens with no costumes knocking on your door for "free" candy got to be annoying to me.) This year I'm going to a couple of Halloween related events for the first time in years and I'm wearing a costume I just finished making to them both. The events themselves are not on Halloween though and are during the day. For Halloween itself I'll probably just kick back in PJs and watch a movie or something.

#13 kiratsukai on 8 years ago

I always pick something super recognizable and mainstream from my closet... maybe something cheaper, 2nd hand or with an error I don't want to bother to fix.

This year I'm doing Howl from Howl's Moving Castle with a cheap lucky bag costume, recycled pants/contacts, and a pair of my own boots. Then for trick or treat, I let elementary kids choose my costume: a character from the kids' soccer anime "Inazuma 11" who I barely know. That costume was also cheap ~ costume and a brand new classe wig set secondhand at Mandarake in Shibuya for 5,600 yen.

The point of Halloween is twofold for me:
-Cheap out, use what I have, make it look as good as I can.
-Be sure others enjoy the costumes, too. On Halloween, the reactions are the most fun. I can cosplay any time of year, but this is the one time of year that everyone seems to be willing and eager to "get it".

#14 eiriks on 8 years ago

Do it! Treat Halloween as an excuse for some public cosplaying.

You should try to wear someting "recognizable by the public"! I went as Link (from Zelda) last week, because our school had a halloween party one week early. It was a great hit! (And I also won my first costume competition ever :-P)

#15 Mesoian on 8 years ago

I may treat halloween like vampires are supposed to treat halloween and just stay in. Everyone else I know outside of cosplay seems to be so amped up for it, I figure let them have their fun and keep getting ready for my next con.

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