Tutorial: Evoker (Persona 3)

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#1 genkimami on 9 years ago

I recently made evokers for my group and it ended up being simple and quite inexpensive so I thought I'd share my method in case others are interested in it.

[URL="http://www.teamblasecosplay.com/tutorials/evoker-tutorial-persona-3"]I posted the full tutorial on my blog.[/URL]

[IMG]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b8/_nav/Evoker tutorial/6245207801_9cafba0c69.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b8/_nav/Evoker tutorial/6245728618_dd5518a261.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b8/_nav/Evoker tutorial/done.jpg[/IMG]

#2 genkimami on 9 years ago

Nothing here, sorry!

#3 TMLiza on 9 years ago

Oh man, this tutorial is awesome. ^_^ Too bad I already commissioned an evoker otherwise I would have made it myself with this.

Good job!

#4 Vaults on 9 years ago

This looks awesome. I will definitely try to this out very soon!
Thank you for the tutorial~

#5 Waifu Beam on 9 years ago

I am SO bookmarking this for future reference when I finally decide to cosplay a Persona 3 character. :'D <3

#6 tenleid on 9 years ago

Wow! thanks so much

#7 FumikoSan on 9 years ago

You're awesome, thank you very much for the fantastic tutorial n____n

#8 genkimami on 9 years ago

I'm glad you guys liked the tutorial! If you use it to make an evoker you should take a picture and post it here :)

#9 Kildread on 9 years ago

Wow, the end result looks amazing, wouldn't have thought you could make it look so good by just making it out of layers of craft foam sheet.

I'm gonna take a reference of this tutorial --- I doubt I'll cosplay from Persona 3 in the future, but I will require props for future cosplays which I think could be made via the same method.

Thanks for the tutorial!

#10 Alkalyne on 9 years ago

#11 genkimami on 9 years ago

#12 Alkalyne on 9 years ago

Hah yeah your probably right.
I always think foam core when I see this sort of thing. I don't think I've tried craft foam actually.
Either way the stacking, again is a good idea lol.

#13 AQuestion on 9 years ago

#14 genkimami on 9 years ago

Yes, I believe it could work too. I was using gesso at first, but it's harder to sand than spackling paste (in my opinion) so that's why I stopped using it.

#15 CleanPianoHands on 9 years ago

Oh wow this is super awesome and helpful! I'm thinking of doing a Persona 3 cosplay next year and I was unsure how to go about making an evoker so I'll definitely give this a shot.

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