Metrocon parking?

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#1 schmemy on 6 years ago

I vaguely remember seeing comments about parking before, maybe on the Metrocon facebook group, but a couple years ago when I went for the first time, I had THE WORST time trying to find somewhere to park! Was I just completely blind? Is there a whole section for convention center parking that I just missed? Some help would be much appreciated!

#2 Kitsune on 6 years ago

The TCC has a parking garage that is located across the street from the building. It's five dollars a day and I believe it fills up pretty quickly - but I don't have a good gauge of when exactly since I park there Thursday morning and leave Monday afternoon. XD

[url][/url] <-- Here's a parking map for downtown Tampa, for reference. I know my GPS takes me downtown to where there are signs for parking, so I'm not completely certain about giving good directions... But there is a parking garage, and some nearby alternatives for when the TCC garage fills up.

#3 dogwitch on 6 years ago

the issue with it is the signs for it. last year i drove pass it 2 times due to it being in the parking area (sign to let you know where to turn). other then that its fine