AnimeFEST 2013: Feedback Thread

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#1 NiGHTmaren on 5 years ago

This thread is for posting your thoughts/opinions on AnimeFEST 2013!

From your experience this year, what were the pros and cons? What were the highlights and lowlights? Would you return again next year?

Also, you can discuss the particulars of the convention, such as the events, panels, masquerade, dances, etc., as well as what you thought about the con and hotel staff, the guests, convention space, food, dealer's room, attendees, and whatever else pertaining to this year's AFEST!

#2 Sinnocent on 5 years ago

My feedback (unfortunately) remains the same as last years ... get a new location and better judges.

Oh, and also, I don't know why they made certain events (that were obviously going to be really popular) scheduled at the times they did, but it wasn't good planning at all, I missed every panel and autograph session I wanted to go to due to other events/lines getting cut off early.

Other than that though, the con itself was pretty good, I was satisfied with the dealers room and artist alley and the events I did get to go to.

#3 mishachii on 5 years ago

The convention this year was pretty weird... it felt so tiny compared to previous years (tiny as in a tiny attendance and guests! Where are all the guests?!)! I really wish we could go back to the Hyatt, between the Sheraton hotel and convention center, Animefest is still too small to fill both areas nicely.

I had an artist alley booth so I didn't really spend my time looking around panels or waiting for signatures. I was satisfied with the dealers room and artist alley. Many talented artists and many merchandises available in both the dealers and artist alley!

I like the small pocket guide that was included in the badge bag. That was so convenient and really awesome!

#4 Shilar on 5 years ago

To me this years con seemed -too- kid friendly, down to a lot of movies being Disney, not anime. Also a severe lack of video distributors was a letdown. I also agree, this con seemed to shrink from last year, mainly in cosplayers (not necessarily attendence). I got bored quickly and left rather early.

#5 Syphon on 5 years ago

I thought it went well, honestly, except for one glaring issue...which was the 2.5 hour wait for my badge on Saturday. Whoever organized that line did not do well and all it ended up being was a frustrating mess.

#6 WTFaf2013 on 5 years ago

The line for a badge Friday was also disorganized and took ages but that wasn't much of a surprise for an anime convention.

The Texas heat sucked but really nothing we could do about that. :P Awesome food trucks tho.

Weapons that we already approved through the staff were then told not ok by staff in an extremely rude way.

I saw some guy get screamed at by a large staff member over borrowing a badge. It looked like an extreme overreaction by the staff since the fat guy kept yelling about "Fraud!" and called security over to help screen the rest of us.

I told my friends about what happened later that night and I was told that apparently that same guy was ejecting people from the con for just checking out Artists Alley.

The staff lacked tact and maturity to handle the simple tasks assigned to them.

The best part of the convention was hanging out with my friends in the room.

For the amount of money I put into a badge I expected a warmer reception that at least cared that I would help fund this years con.

I don't think I will be going back to Afest because I believe Afest has forgotten what really makes an anime convention great and that is the attendees. If this convention redirects it's focus next year it might regain that 1.5k drop in attendance from the past few years.

If you are having money problems because people are dropping in attendance you should try making the con more welcoming and less strict.

#7 potatoplanet on 5 years ago

I actually had a great weekend. Whether that was primarily due to the company I was with or the convention, I'm not quite sure. However, I will throw my two cents in.

The dealer's room and artist alley were good :) I enjoyed the products that were presented and I got some really nice stuff in the artist alley. I'm a naturally thrifty person, so I didn't buy as much as I wanted; though, to be honest, the prices were what I was expecting, so it wasn't like it was a big deal lol.

The panels that were presented were limited, in my opinion. I enjoyed "WTF Japan" quite extensively, the Cosplay Runway, the Semi-Formal and...well, that's it lol. I wasn't able to go to some of the panels I wanted to (Ramen and Rice, Tea Ceremony, Dressing in a Kimono, etc.) so that made me kind of sad. If things could be arranged in a more organized manner, I think that it would help a lot.

I agree with everyone else when they said that it seemed small! Last year, it was packed and the flow of people never stopped. However, I was there Fri-Sun and I felt that it was, well, quieter than usual. Though, I actually liked that, so I wasn't complaining. The hotel did feel too large for the convention. I actually like the Sheraton myself; it's just too big for A-fest.

Note to the organizers: The pocket guide was genius! Do this again!! :D

Overall, I really did enjoy myself. Unfortunately, I wanted to do many things and couldn't do them all. Ah well. There's always next year!

P.S.: Where was the Maid Cafe? Lol.

#8 IcySky on 5 years ago

I went Saturday and Sunday, so I figure I'll throw in my two cents.

Registration: I didn't go to A-fest last year, but I heard registration was a nightmare. This year, it didn't seem too bad to me, at least not early on Saturday morning. Pre-reg seemed to be moving pretty quickly. I was in the on-site line though, and the procedure was kind of confusing (with the computers set up off to the side). The guy answering questions and trying to get all the on-site people to the right place was very helpful though and I thank him for that. Next year though, maybe have someone holding a sign directing on-siters to the computers first so they don't just get in the on-site pick-up line (that seemed to be the confusing part). Maybe there was someone with a sign later on, but not when I got there.

Panels: I didn't get to go to as many as I would have liked this year, but that was mostly because I was hanging out with friends. The ones I went to were good though.

The pocket guides: PLEASE bring these back yes these were great and I absolutely loved having it.

Dealer's Room and Artist Alley: I spent way more at this con than I originally intended and I probably would have spent more if I could have. There were so many artists with beautiful work that I didn't get a chance to buy from. The dealer's room was good too.

Overall it was pretty great!

#9 brigit on 5 years ago

Im going to be completely honest, this was my first time at the new location. I didnt go last year so I was used to the Hyatt location.

First things first, I was getting my badge there and didnt buy it in advanced. So you had to fill the information out on a netbook, which I thought was nice. Reminds me of how they do it at Quakecon. And then you had to mostly just write your address on paper. I had a question about paying by card and i asked a few staff members and no one knew anything. It was really sad. When I did get up to the desk to get my badge the guy there was really nice and helpful, so he took care of my problem. Also the line was really short compared to the pre-reg that looked horrible to be in. this was on a friday and on saturday things looked a lot worse.

I like how this new location has the food court area. I liked the Hyatt but there was no where to eat! everything there was so expensive! This was really great, and you had a pretty big selection. I wish A-kon still was here, but too late for that.... -_-

New scanning the badge thing.... Okay I thought this was really weird, but I guess theres a lot of people that must fake their badges, you could forget about not paying and sneaking in! Also they told me the dealers room closes at 6, i was walking in at 5:50 to pick up something really quick and they told me that they are closing it right now... So i didnt get what i wanted... I only had a saturday badge. Still pissed about that. What lazy staff. Also for the short time I did go in the dealers room it was FREEZING.

Okay and using Crunchyroll to stream anime is a horrible idea. Have that stuff predownloaded...

#10 Celyddon on 5 years ago

Part of the reasons there were so few cosplayers:

*AFest was scheduled against Dragon*Con (seen as more prestigious by cosplayers), PAX Prime, and LoneStarCon/WorldCon.
*The cosplay panels that were offered were mostly repeats of panels from All-Con or A-Kon.
*Last year's cosplay contest left a very sour taste in many cosplayers' mouths. From what I heard, this year's contest had a few issues that need fixing as well.
*The Sheraton isn't known for its picturesque locations. Granted, there are talented photographers that can make anything out of a location, but the Hyatt and Hilton Anatole both have far better options in terms of both indoor and outdoor photoshoot areas.

In other words, there were simply better options elsewhere, provided you could afford it. I know a lot of cosplayers simply couldn't get the time off of work due to the economy or didn't want to deal with the massive influx of traffic that was MegaFest and other gatherings.

#11 Lithonius on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Syphon;4753071]I thought it went well, honestly, except for one glaring issue...which was the 2.5 hour wait for my badge on Saturday. Whoever organized that line did not do well and all it ended up being was a frustrating mess.[/QUOTE]

Trying to keep track of two elementary school-aged kids and convince them they need to stay in line just a little bit longer because we all need badges to enjoy our day at Animefest could have been the 13th Labour of Hercules!

I don't know if Afest was trying something new this year or what, but that was a disaster. I was about ready to pack it up and try again on Sunday. Thankfully, we were able to perservere and ended up staying past bed time; once again, the kids said they had the best time ever, and will undoubtedly beg me to bring them back next year.

We'll just have to remember to get there a little earlier...

#12 Dulcinae on 4 years ago

I only went Sunday last year, but I'll put in my input for the day.

It was my first convention ever, and I did enjoy it. I came at about 9, and thankfully, the badge lines weren't so terrible! I'm thinking because it was an early Sunday. Like others have said, the little badge guide was nice. As easily as I get lost, it was a big help.
The movie showings were nice, along with the few panels I went to.
The upstairs food selection was decent. The prices were a little high though, but it was expected. I also really enjoyed the game rooms and I'm looking forward to seeing what's available for this year too.
I went with my boyfriend and he has a physical disability that causes him to not be able to stand for long intervals, but thankfully places to sit weren't too hard to find.
There was really nothing negative to say about that Sunday. I'm excited to attend all 4 days this year.