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#1 MelMuff on 6 years ago

My friend is no longer going to Otakuthon so now an extra spot has opened up in my hotel room. I have a reservation at the Travelodge Hotel of a room with 2 twin beds from August 16 to 18. I estimate that splitting it would cost $50 a night. The only requirement is that you are female. I'm sorry but I'm self conscious and wouldn't be comfortable sharing a room with someone who is male.

#2 MelMuff on 5 years ago

If no one replies by August 13, I will cancel reservation and just go to Otakuthon one day instead.

#3 MelMuff on 5 years ago

Okay! At this point I'm giving up and canceling hotel and just go to Otakuthon for 1 day only instead.

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