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#1 Avenly on 8 years ago

Im considering remaking my old Esther Cosplay. I feel that the fabric I used might be just a little to heavy... Im not sure what kind of fabric I used either its been that long. I left cosplay for a while due to school and having no monies.

Ive looked through the Trinity Blood Thread but there is just too much there. And I feel that if I do post there the question might be over looked or answered and I might miss it. I also think that having a thread to talk about fabric for said costumes would be convinent for others who have the question and dont want the headache of going through the long long long long thread that everyone posts at. Some how I feel that would be helpfull. If not then oh well. I tried.

#2 FeyMeggan on 8 years ago

We're pretty good about answering all questions that pop into the thread, but it's understandable that it might be missed for a bit. I've not made one of the nun's outfits, but I've seen a lot of them, and most are made of a heavy weight, low shine, satin or satin like material that I've seen. This isn't saying that all of them have to made thusly, just the most common material I've seen.

#3 Sephirayne on 8 years ago

I've seen a couple made from a cotton suiting. Its quite cheap and doesn't require much ironing. I have used it for my Abel when I did see it being used for other TB costumes.

#4 Avenly on 8 years ago

Thanks guys ^.^ This helps a lot!!

#5 KakeraのTsuki on 8 years ago

I'm having trouble deciding, too! Making an Esther costume of my own.

I find satin looks a bit strange for Esther, when you take into account that she's a nun... but that's just me reading too much into things. xD;

I second the cotton suiting. Twill's good, too. I recommend visiting your fabric store just to have a feel and decide which one you want that way, because even twill's properties can vary a lot from supplier to supplier. Go for something middle weight, like 300g/yd?

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