Longshot but worth asking- anyone canceling their Marriott room?

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#1 Summoner Lenne on 8 years ago

Hallo peoples! So this is a long shot but it's always worth asking :). My boyfriend and I just reserved a room at the Hilton since the Marriott room block is full, so we're okay, but I was wondering if anyone had an extra room they were gonna cancel because they couldn't make it/they had an extra room and people dropped out/ I don't know whatever other reason here. Because if so it's fairly easy to transfer over the reservation from you to us and, well, it's worth asking! If not, oh well, we have a room so we're not completely sol :).

Anyway, thanks for your time, and yay! This'll be my first Nan Desu Kan (and my boyfriend's first con ever) so I'm excited :D

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