Long yellow wig?

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#1 Sakura on 15 years ago

Anyone know where I can find a looong yellow wig? I'm thinking maybe 30" or longer ^_^ I know Amphigory has a great one but I want to lay out my options. Thanks for the help in advance!

#2 Michi on 15 years ago

You want like, yellow.. and not blonde? ^^ Try witchwigs yet?

#3 Sakura on 15 years ago

Yup, yellow! ^_^ hehe... thinking of that color makes me laugh because it's so perky... but anyways!

Yup, I tried witchwigs.com but the longest one was 30". If I don't find anything really long then I think I might end up going with that since those ones have the cool scalp-like top so they look real.

If this helps much, I need it for Myu-style Usagi and Maetel from GE999.

#4 Michi on 15 years ago

Oooh... Amphigory's Enchantment style would be perfect for Maetel. *-* I used one for my Kuja wig before I cut bangs into it and all that. ^^

#5 Sakura on 15 years ago

You know what, you're so right! And then I can cut bangs to use it for Usagi as well ^__^ I think I made up my mind now, thanks for all of your help.

#6 KaraokeKate on 15 years ago

Go with Amphigory. The fiber quality is better, which means a shinier wig with less tangles. ^_^

#7 Michi on 15 years ago

If you order from Amphigory, just make sure you order way before you need the wig! ^_^; They take a good while.. but it's worth it.

#8 KaraokeKate on 15 years ago

Yeah, good point. Give them a two week minimum to get the wig in stock. They special order them for each customer instead of just keeping a bunch in stock. That helps them keep prices down though. ^_^

#9 Usagi Mylene on 15 years ago


Please if possible, post if the wig worked for Usagi's hair style. I've been trying to find one with no luck and I can not afford the price tag off 100 or up to get one made. I've seen some really beautiful ones like Katie Bair's but it's not in my budget. =(

I have never styled a wig but I might just go ahead and order it and see if I can get the odango's without destoring the wig. How can you beat 40 bucks for that one?


#10 KaraokeKate on 15 years ago

Sorry I can't do it for cheaper. I'm as poor as the next cosplayer, and I know that not everyone can shell out the cash to get a commission, but I'm keeping my prices as low as I can without starving over it. ;_;

If you'd like to style an Usagi on your own, I suggest starting with a shorter wig, and adding the ponytails. Trying to deal with all that long hair is hard enough without having to part and twist it too. ~_^

#11 Space Invader on 15 years ago

Get a shoulder-length wig... pull all the hair up like in an updo (be sure and part it for the pigtails)... Get some hair extensions in the right colors to make the buns and tails. For the buns, I would get two stryofoam spheres to form the buns around... that way they hold their shape and it requires less of your precious hair to make them. Attach to wig via tacky glue and hairpins.