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#1 Arc_The_Lad on 14 years ago

I have decided to start this thread for people who are cosplaying as characters from Final Fantasy 1-6. I know I'm not much into cosplay, but I was tired of seeing way to many Final Fantasy 7-12 threads.

My Red Mage is going good too. Gotta paint his sword.

#2 Ambrosia on 14 years ago

I'm glad *somebody* finally started a thread like this ::claps::

I'm currently working on an Amano version of Celes (FFVI). If it turns out well, I might look into making a Reina (FFV) costume in the same style.

#3 Caligo on 14 years ago

Wooot! I have a White Mage costume; just finally figured out how I was going to make the mallet. I need to start doing that SOON...

#4 kyandi chan on 14 years ago

I'm currently working on an Amano Relm from Final Fantasy VI (III). ^^ its lots of fun and I'm gonna try to work on an Amano Locke Cole for my friend Anakha.

#5 Gren on 14 years ago

Sometime in the future, I'm looking to make an Amano Setzer (FF6) and I have a friend who wants to make a Fighter with foam blocks. XD

#6 Arc_The_Lad on 14 years ago

I really want to do Cyan from FFVI, also Butz/Bartz from FFV.

#7 Arc_The_Lad on 14 years ago

Oh I almost forgot that I want to do a Onion Kid from #3

must keep this thread alive!

#8 ShuinLookalike on 14 years ago

Ya sometime in the future I'm gonna do a Cecil<FFIV> costume since no one i've seen has gone and done this final fantasy.

#9 Zephyrs on 14 years ago

I did White Mage and Black Mage, they're in my gallery. If I ever feel the urge to do another FF cosplay (not for at least another 18 months...) it'll be another classic job class or FF4 or 6.

#10 Ambrosia on 14 years ago

This might sound a bit strange, but I always wanted to get a big group of friends together and do stylized, female versions of the FFI job classes. You know, like Black Belt, Red Mage, Thief... etc. I can't really *describe* what I have in mind, but you get the general idea. ^^;

#11 Faux on 14 years ago

My dream is to cosplay Locke, the Amano version. Oy, THAT's gonna be a lot of work.

#12 Ruby-Chan on 14 years ago

i've got terra in esper form and ff white mage in my line up for the future

#13 Dawezy on 14 years ago

Heh, its been one of my ambitions to do a Cecil (Dark Knight) cosplay.. but the way im going, im probably gonna get to it.. oh, in a few years, give or take ;_; if not Cecil, then i'd do a Kain.. shame i dont have the Blonde or Purple hair to go w/ either of them. XD

Hell, dare i say i'd even give Edge a go? the materials would be cheaper to get.. or, i'd try do some classic FF classes.. always liked the Red Mage and Blue Mage jobs.. heh.

For the record, i aint seen anyone do a better Rydia cosplay then Nessa XD

#14 Maryssa on 14 years ago

I would diiiieeeee to see a really nice Dark Knight cosplay!!!

#15 Dawezy on 14 years ago

[QUOTE=Maryssa]I would diiiieeeee to see a really nice Dark Knight cosplay!!![/QUOTE]

No joke there, i was going to mention.. even a FF11 Dark Knight Cosplay would do me fine, but, this be the "old school" discussion thread, and ive had a few beers already ^^. *hic*

Cecil DK cosplay.. mm...

Wonder if its really worth, getting some special metal armour suit dyed jet black for the occasion? heh.

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