'Did Anybody Take My Picture?' FanExpo 2010

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#1 yorune on 8 years ago

You know what to do ;D

And please keep the thread clean!

As for me, I'm Len from his song setsugetsuka, basically a yellow pony tail and girly looking Kinomo with a big bow, thanks in advance!


Hi guys!

I feel like this thread is completely cosplayers > photographers.
A lot of con-goers don't frequent on cosplay.com, so you are limiting yourself to other cosplayers and cosplay photographers.
So for those who don't know, Facebook is the place to go, there are a few FanEXPO groups on FB and a lot of people post the photos they took in the groups. I don't know why, it's just how the society is.
Good luck finding your photo!

#2 exqcme on 8 years ago

Headcrab scientists?? anyone here took out pic?

#3 Foxbar on 8 years ago

Metapod =P and a DDR mat. Please and thank you =]

#4 Kanomi on 8 years ago

Anyone got pics of imitation black Len? I was actually a guy =3=
If they got my Kaito too that would be nice.

[Edit] Also was Servant of Evil Len with Daughter of Evil Rin

#5 Trumble on 8 years ago

pm me

#6 Hateshinai on 8 years ago

Haha, I was Gardevoir, and I was with a Milotic, Meowth, and a Plusle and Minun.
Can you PM if you have any pictures, thank you ! ~

#7 Sachie on 8 years ago

@Kanomi: SAW YOU TODAY, but didn't get your picture, sob.

Went today as Akiyama Mio? Not that many people took my picture though haha P:

#8 Hateshinai on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Sachie;3614519]Went today as Akiyama Mio? Not that many people took my picture though haha P:[/QUOTE]

I Didn't take your picture (Never got a chance to) , but I saw you going up and escalator, haha >.< Awesome costume ! ^^

#9 VickyBunnyAngel on 8 years ago

I was wearing Astharoshe from Trinity Blood today for only 2 hours =P. Lots of people took my pic...but I didn't recognize most of them.

Anyways, if you have pics let me know!

#10 Angathol on 8 years ago

I wore Marisa Kirisame from Touhou with a Flandre Scarlet; I'll be rewearing it tomorrow.

#11 Pillow-chan on 8 years ago

@Angathol: you guys are so cute, and blonde, and cute x3 I'm bringing my camera tomorrow so I'll definitely be trying to find you guys to snap a picture.

I was dressed up as a Pink version of Roll from Megaman...pink arm cannon, pink dress, big pink boots ^^ If anyone got a picture I would really love it<3

#12 ☆ KEITA on 8 years ago

@Pillow-chan: Hey it was cool meeting you! Though we didn't really get to talk, maybe another time~ I really loved your Roll cosplay though, it brought back memories. :') That arm-rocket thinger is still awesome. x'Db

I was dressed up as Joker from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, I'm sure there are some photos out there! So post/PM away~ 8D

#13 quietsnooze on 8 years ago

I was the female red Pyro from TF2 with the Axtinguisher, if anyone has pictures! Came late for the photoshoot ):

#14 miugiko on 8 years ago

I was Kagamine Len today. I was walking around with a Rin and Magnet Miku & Luka as well.

#15 CocoMaki on 8 years ago

I was the Rin that miugiko was walking around with along with the Magnet Miku & Luka. Pictures pictures? :D

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